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Anna, Bob, and her grandparents are on vacation to visit some of the most wonderful places around the world. On their first stop, they learn about a farming contest featuring great prizes. Little do the organizers know that farming runs in Anna's blood, and now she and her friends are off to prove that they can be the best anywhere. Travel to Australia, Egypt and China, looking after rare animals and taking care of exotic plants. Help Anna grow pineapples and cacao beans, breed camels and ostriches, make tequila and sushi, to win the first prizes in 59 challenging levels. Learn new skills at school, buy advanced equipment, and keep upgrading your farms to win these fabulous competitions. With two play modes, Hidden Object mini-games, colorful characters, and wonderful rewards, this can be the greatest vacation ever.

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    Farming is something that runs through Anna’s blood. But after helping her grandfather in restoring his own farm and collecting a few bucks, a well-deserved vacation is at hand for Anna, her husband Bob and her grandparents. They decided to take a little world trip vacation, so they can know better other cultures, nations but most importantly other farming techniques and technologies. The things is, in this games the people who are used as characters, they all have one very specific feature that characterize them the most, and that is the fact that they can’t stay away from work long. In Farm Mania – Hot Vacation their travel has started with Australia first, and so the third installment has begun. But not long after, her itching for work soon starts and just like it is destined for her a farming competition was being organized, and not just any competition, but a global one. This opportunity couldn’t be wasted and so Anna gathered around her entire family so they could join and eventually beat in that contest. And so begins the travel that Anna must take, first in Australia, then in Egypt and then in China. Every single one of these countries is specific for itself. Australia, Egypt and China all have different domestic farms and animals that are characteristic fort that country and surroundings. In Australia, you will be planting strawberries and bananas, raising sheep and having your produce carted off by kangaroos. Egypt features camels, safari animals, peacocks, rhinos and more. And you will deal with all sorts of oriental fruits and animals in China. The game is set in almost 60 levels (59 to be exact) in which 9 of them are hidden object mini-games. The game is set in two modes of gameplay, but to be able to play the other one you must complete the first one, that is the arcade mode is locked until you get pass by the casual mode. Like all time management games the level are timed and the clock that is ticking can get a bit bothersome as the time gets close to running out. Every farm has tasks that need to be completed in order to proceed forward and every farm even though different from other farms, are all led to the same goal and the same procedures of completing those goals. Through the game you will be receiving orders from different customers and the orders themselves will be different nature. You will certainly complete the orders, but the question is how fast will you do it? The game offers ‘gold time’ for those who do their chorus the fastest and therefore suitable rewards. The first levels of the game aren’t that difficult at all, and they are there to give you a quick tutorial through the game and the obligations of every character in the game. You just need to make sure you plant, water and weed your vegetables, and make sure your ducks have enough water and grain. While Anna delivers food and water to animals, tends to crops, and collects products, her grandfather prepares food, water, tends to trees and bushes, her grandmother cooks or prepares more complicated products from raw resources, and Bob cuts trees and mines gold and coal. This doesn’t seem hard at all, and it isn’t at the beginning but at later levels things start to heat up. For example the crucial combination for maintain the farm, feeding animals and harvesting the fruits are Anna and her grandfather. Like I just wrote Anna will do the planting, weeding, feeding and watering, but she depends on Granddad to fill the watering buckets and to plant and harvest the feed grain. The tasks are carefully distributed between the families members making you watch your decisions very carefully as if you don’t it can cost you a lot of time. When they are already doing the tasks that they are given you can add the tasks you want them to fulfill and they will do it after they become free. If the order of jobs isn’t being constantly monitored they you will certainly find yourself in a similar situation like this one where Anna won't be able to water the plants if Granddad hasn't filled the buckets with water. And if Granddad neglects to harvest the grain, Anna won't be able to use it to feed the ducks. There is just one more thing to mention, when you get the hang of things on the beginning and start to play as the game wants you to and even better you will soon discover the difficulty will start increasing even further and that is not the only thing. You have the luxury of earning money on your farms which you can use in three different ways: School, Shop and Ranch. School is made for you to send your characters there so you can raise the level of their skills making them manage different jobs easier. The cash that you spend on Ranch is for buying new plants and animals for the farm, while the Shop is for obtaining tools for the farm like better watering or some scarecrows for different pests and crop destroying animals like the lemurs. As I have been a huge fan of Farm Frenzy series you can’t not to mention some of the similarities between these two games, however the big difference, especially with the few last editions of FF you can tell that this game has the freshness that the FF series is lacking more and more. Enjoy the game like I did.

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having trouble getting into the games.

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