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Joe's grandson is staying at his farm for the summer, and not a moment too soon because it's in sore need of repairs. The barn is crumbling, the weeds are growing, and the water spring is breaking down. With a little hard work and some savvy decisions however, they will have the place back in shape soon enough. Breathe new life into the once prosperous farm by helping Joe and his grandson take care of business. Play addictive Match 3 levels to earn money for purchasing new structures, complete with clucking chickens, mooing cows, and buzzing beehives. Take on fun side Quests to help neighbors, search through Hidden Object mini-games, and solve whimsical adventure puzzles. It's a wonderful interactive environment that features witty dialogue and an immersive storyline.

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    Farming was always a popular theme in the casual games business. Generally speaking some of the most successful games on the market are all based on farming or at least use some of the aspects of a farm. This game is a release of a Russian company that has certainly stands its grounds with the release of this game. The story of the game is quite educational and should be heard by any teenager nowadays; however it would be bad for the gaming companies if they all would do just that! A teenager has been sent to his grandfather who lives on a farm, because the school is out and the summer vacation is in. Knowing their child, his parents knew that his whole summer vacations will be reduced to an all-day computer games play. To avoid such a health destroying life they sent him to the farm to do some real life chorus. When he arrived this meant a great relief for Joe, his grandfather, because the farm was in a terrible state as everything is starting to fall apart, and with so many regular work on the farm Joe wasn’t able to keep up with all of the tasks. Now with his grandson there a lot of things are about to change but still both grandson and grandfather need a little help from you. Through the game the grandson will discover his hidden passion for the farm work and his talent as he finds out how to do some things on his own. With our help, he cleans up the fields, renovates buildings, plants some crops, decorates the land, and eventually begins to diversify production by adding elements such as a hen house and bee hives. But this is all a second layer of the game, and for to be able to everything that is mentioned here and more there must be funds for that and that is where the primary goal of the game is shown. You need to work through match 3 levels to earn yourself everything that you need to rebuild, repair and decorate your farm they way you want it to be. Match 3 part of the game is nothing unfamiliar to those who have played at least some of the match 3 games. The basic goal with match 3 level is to get rid of the golden tiles that are found all over the grid. To get rid of the golden tiles you need to match 3 or more tiles that come in different shapes and sizes, like eggplants, jars of honey and eggs, over the golden tiles. The matches of the tiles are accomplished by swapping tiles and the matching can be done horizontally and vertically. Now normally the usual goals would be to clear out all of the tiles from the grid but it is not always like that. Most of the times, because of its background farming genre, you will be matching tiles that you need for your farm as you need to maximize your production to the fullest as renovation and maintenance of the farm costs money. To keep up the pace of the game on an interesting level you need additional obstacles and rewards for completing some levels sooner than expected. This part is for the ones who want to play the game in the tied mode to feel a bit heat under their feet, but of course the reward of finished up before the end, in a form of special bonuses. You can always change from one mode to another soothing to what kind of gameplay you want, however the difference in the difficulty isn’t that big. To ensure nothing goes wrong especially for those who are playing the timed mode are a couple of power-ups to help you on your way like firecrackers, bombs and hives. Now the firecrackers and bombs don’t need explaining as you presume they explode and clean after themselves, but the hives is a new one for me, at least in this form. You use hives to remove tiles that you want to get rid of. To add to the total rank of the game are a couple of nice done mini-games who can be solve easily if you don’t know the way out. For example when you encounter a couple of HOG scenes, if you can’t find the items that you need, a sparkle will appear over the item you need to help you out. There was a thing that a lot of people were complaining about through forums, and that was the constant returning to the farm after a match 3 level was finished. This hasn’t bothered me that much too approximately half of the game, because due to my strong PC configuration the loading times were a couple of seconds and I have tons of patience. When the money is there besides the repairing of the farm and adding some decorations, if you have earned enough money, you can buy yourself a new house on the farm. Because this is a premium edition besides all of the standard stuff you will get additional 30 level of match 3 craziness, additional items and accessories you can use on your farm, then the standard stuff like wallpapers and screensavers and of course last but not least the walkthrough guide for Quests if somebody should need it.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 19.99
Size 225

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