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Abigail Andrews is a true trendspotter who's been hired by a well-known fashion magazine. Help Abbie revitalize the magazine's "Trendspotting" section by snapping photos that highlight the current trends. From the streets to the runway, New York City is full of fashion. The only trouble is it's not always that easy to find. Sometimes the hottest new looks are hiding just out of sight. Join Abbie on her quest to make the magazine a must-read again by searching for thousands of hidden items in 20 super-stylish locations, including photo shoots, designer showrooms, hip boutiques and more. Can you complete all 85 of Abbie's assignments before Fashion Week, the industry's biggest event?

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    A hidden object games set in the glitzy glamour world of fashion, Fashion Finder: Secrets of Fashion offers a unique game-play and a cohesive storyline. This latest release from BigFish downloadable games is all about Abigail who is hired by a popular fashion magazine to work as an assistant to the editor. She is mainly responsible for looking up the hottest trends in fashion and getting snapshots of the same. The main game lets you visit 20 chic locations including fashion shows, designers' boutiques and simply look around in the streets to locate new fancies. The search for hidden objects in this game is based on a theme rather than a traditional list of varied objects. You might be asked to find ten different coats, various kinds of rain gear, or a dozen items covered in polka dots. There is a rechargeable hint system which can help you with the more difficult items. As Abbie spots something, she takes clicks it with her BlackBerry. There are time bonuses for completing goals before the set time. This is a nice new concept in the hidden object games genre, which incorporates everything from street style to runway couture. The graphics and the music nicely complement the theme and add to the stylish atmosphere of the game. Abbie needs to spot the happening trends soon and uncover all fashion secrets as the biggest event in the industry is just around the corner.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 54

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