Final Fantasy Games Getting an HD Remaster

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One of the Most Divisive and most popular also game Final Fantasy Getting an HD Remaster



Mystic Quest HD Remastered releases around first half in March.

Firm preparing to release a remastered version for this early and almost deried games Final Fantasy, this time Final Fantasy : Mystic Quest

Publisher have to make a formal announcement, studio Dark Design Games has already tweeted about this project, opened up pre-odrers on their site, and released trailer also. That studio claims the game runs at 60 fps in HD mode, what would appear to be problematic frame rate in the video. Also website notes that audio, gameplay and graphics of course have been remastered



Also there is list Mystic Quest: HD Remaster who coming to PC and Android on 13. March for $8. If you pre-order you will get some kind of bonus.

We have contacted Square Enix to find out more and will report back with any additional details we receive.

First time Mystic Quest is released is old 1992 on Super Nintendo and 2010 on the Wii.

The game was released in North America before Japan, where it would be retitled Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest.




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