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Build an all-new underwater kingdom in Fishdom 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to the hit game! Fishdom is back and better than ever with a rewarding aquarium escapade. Put your Match 3 and design skills to the test while raising finned pets on a bustling ranch, traveling back in time to Egypt, or recreating a fantastic Merworld. Simply swap tiles with fun underwater images to earn money, then purchase exotic pets and decorations to create a peaceful aquascape. Offering 120 levels, a huge selection of accessories, and an unlimited number of aquariums, there is no end to what you can build! And the fun doesn't stop there because you can also play extra Hidden Object mini-games and take pictures of your virtual fish kingdoms to send to your friends. Everyone will be able to see all of your wonderful creations. What are you waiting for? Play Fishdom 2 free with the demo version, or download the full version today!

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    Someone would expect when we see a new sequel to a game which has a nice success history, game manufactures would prepare something new if not even better and it should totally stun us. Well one thing is for sure it did stun us. Many have said the same and so will I, this is a copy of the Fishdom, and to be sincere where is the problem? The game had a huge success and everybody knowns why change something that is already good and is working nicely. But you couldn’t leave the game totally intact and of course they didn’t. The most interesting thing about this game and certainly the most beautiful and those are marine themed levels. Its quality and high level of details make this one a great game, a new and exciting and a rest for the eye’s type that can rarely be seen in this combination. Fishdom 2 is a match 3 game and it isn’t anything new as far as the game play, that we didn’t see before. But it has a game play that has proven itself very popular in this kind of games, and combined with its graphics you get a marvelous game. The game has its own unique personality that’s very nice and each one has its own little animation; diving helmets open and close, jelly fish contract and push, and shells turn this way and then that. You're presented with a grid of colored tile; in this case all of the tiles fit the theme of the game, with blue squids and yellow diving helmets. Then your job is to match 3 all of these tiles, and that’s the goal of the game, to clear all the tiles, but it can be sometimes very tricky. There are a couple of tiles that are painted yellow and to get rid of them you first must paint them blue, and you do that through a simple match. There are other obstacles like a stony tile that can require sometimes a couple of matches fulfilled to get rid of it. There are also chains, that must be cleared and they need one match, but you will find later double chains too. As the game advances you see that the difficulty is getting harder and harder and that will be mostly caused by the yellow tiles moved into the corners of a grid or hard reachable places, and sometimes you will find yourself unable to clear those tiles. But of course the game gives us a couple of bonuses, or power-ups to use them just in cases like these. Firecrackers, depth bombs, dynamite charges, and warheads are four same power-ups for destroying tiles in a grid but with a different type of range. Every one of them has the radius to destroy the tiles from one to four tiles. But there is also the “fifth” power-up very rare and hard to get… “Lightning” is the ultimate power-up as it can destroy all tiles of one sort, and this can be very useful for those tiles that are in corners and almost impossible to reach. But to be able to get the lightning you have to use 7 bomb power-ups first and then it will show up. The game consists of two modes, TIMED and RELAX mode. Relax mode is timeless so you can sit back and enjoy playing the nice 120 levels that will certainly give you hours of play time. But for those who perform better, at least under slight pressure, the TIMED mode is certainly for you. But you’re not challenging those levels for nothing. Every level is rewarded with money and you need that money for your fish tanks. The fish tanks we stock and decorate between games are equally appealing. You can add in them many of the familiar fish species known in the world and that’s not all, you have to think on the tanks looks, actually its beauty. You use the money won for buying different additions like plants, statues and other accessories that are available in the inventory. Another thing on which you must look out is comfort items. You have to buy heaters, filters, and oxygen supply devices for the aquarium. As you fill your tank, you’ll be also filling three gauges – fish, beauty, comfort. By filling this gauges and winning bronze, silver or gold you’ll be unlocking different content and additional tanks. The best thing about this aquarium part is you can take a picture of it and use it as a background or send a friend to challenge him to make it better. Another nice option is the aquarium that you have created can be used as a screensaver for your PC, and you can enjoy your work while you are not playing. The graphics is said to be beautiful and it is, and to get the full feeling of the marine theme you get to hear different nautical and underwater sound throughout the game play. It maybe is a copy of the first game, but with its different options added in this part including a couple of Hidden object mini-games it sure gives a nice touch to match 3 games, and surely is still one of the better ones on the market.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 108

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