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Get into the festive spirit of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as you build up underwater fish kingdoms filled with holiday cheer. Simply swap tiles to match like items of three or more then use the money earned to purchase fantastic accessories. Create the wonderful seascapes any way you wish as you buy a skeleton fish, place a turkey setting, or build a snowman. A gigantic assortment of fish and decorations for an unlimited number of aquariums are available in Relaxed and Against the Clock modes. Can you clear the boards to buy them all? And when you are done designing your perfect aquascape, you can then send photos of the marvelous fish tank to friends or set it up as an animated Screensaver. It's the game that keeps on giving!

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    The fishes are back again and this time with a triple force. Fishdom is back and now bigger and stronger than the previous three releases as what we have here are all of the three games put in one. The end result is simply fantastic as they have taken the best of the three games and put it together in a great, but not that changed game. The game basics is still the same as we are talking about a match 3 game and a lot of fishes involved with it. The premise of the game hasn’t changed as we are talking about the same three games. For those who have played these games individually they won’t find anything new about this, but those who haven’t had the chance to play this game or played only one of these parts, this is a great opportunity to catch up with all of them. When it comes to gameplay you are busy still with the grid, matching puzzles (match3) to finish up a level. You need to swap the tiles in the grid so you can match the same tiles. The goal of the game is still the same as you have to clear all the yellow blocks in the grid. You do that by matching puzzles above the yellow block, and with that you clear them away. But like always this may sound easy but the number of obstacles is big enough for you to face quite a challenge. Some blocks are made of steel and need to be cleared twice, while some tiles will be chained up until you can clear them away. You'll also have to deal with the ever changing shape of the grid, which is different for each stage. As the shapes of the grid changes so does the position of blocks and you will find yourself in a situation that will become quite hard to dig out of, as the tiles could get stuck somewhere on the bottom of the grid almost impossible to reach to. Depending on what you want from the game, which difficulty that is, you can play in the relax mode or the timed mode. The name of the mode explains everything. If you want some backup in the game that you need to be more productive in the game, you need to make more than match 3. Matching up tiles in groups of five will give you access to explosive bombs that clear away everything around them. And if you use enough bombs you'll even get a lightning power up that clears away a large percentage of the grid. In some cases, lightning is the only way to reach some of the tucked away tiles. Like always the Fishdom is made out of two parts, the first one that I just described and the second one is the fish tanks. The fish tanks are there to have a bit of fun, but also to see how you manage with you decorative and other skills. As this is 3 in 1 game, you have now three tanks in the game from which you can choose from: the Tank-o-Treat (with a Halloween decoration); the Thanksgiving (with more exotic fishes and decorations) and the Beep Sea Cheer (in the theme of Christmas, with snow, Christmas tree). When it comes to the tanks, you have three bars to fill up (Fish, Scenery, Plants) that you need to fill a couple of times in a level (Bronze, Silver, Gold). If you fill-up all of the tank meters to the gold rank you will get as a bonus additional 2 tanks to work with. But for all of this you need money, and money is earned through the first part of the game that is explained, match 3. You can fill up your tank with about 13 different fishes, and the best thing about it they don’t require tending as other fishes in fish games. You can feed them but you don’t have to, as they won’t die. They can ask you sometimes, through balloons of air what they want with the tank to be done or changed, and you can refuse to do that, and as a consequence you will have only sad fishes, no dying or running away. You will enjoy this game very much, if you haven’t played all of the three parts of the game individually, with its beautiful graphics and very originally presented gameplay. The game is done so well that even the sound of the game gives you a very nice ambience in which you can enjoy all the time. All in all, if you didn’t play it a game you definitely need, if you have…well that is up to you to decide if you are up for another round of fishes and matching.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 87

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