Fortnite - new skins, emotes and gliders coming

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The latest Fortnite update has brought us the Shopping Cart and consumable mushrooms. You can ride those shopping carts, and the mushrooms you eat grant you 5 shield. For all the details, you can read it here on their blog-post.




However, there is much more to the update than what you can see. Fortnite Intel took a good look, and unearthed some cosmetics, which are probably coming soon. got the names and rarity of the new additions. In total, we will get six new outfits, three new harvesting tools, three gliders, two pieces of back bling, and four new emotes. One of the outfits, and NBA outfit, has been made just in time for the finals and playoffs. Also, one of the new emotes is called, Baller / Basketball. Here is what we'll get...

The six new skins include:

  • Flytrap (Legendary)
  • Ventura (Epic)
  • Scoundrel (Epic)
  • Rapscallion (Epic)
  • Jumpshot (Rare)
  • Triple Threat (Rare)

The three new harvesting tools:

  • Tendril (Rare)
  • Slam Dunk (Rare)
  • Nite Owl (Rare)

The three new gliders:

  • Starry Night (Rare)
  • Hang Time (Epic)
  • Venus Flyer (Rare)

The two new back bling:

  • Burgle Bag (Epic)
  • Strongbox (Epic)

The four new emotes:

  • Boogie Down (Epic)
  • Basketball (Rare)
  • Laugh (Rare)
  • Zippy (Rare)
Source: IGNFortnite Intel

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