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Free Aqua Zoo is a free browser game that plays like a cross between an aquarium simulation and an aquatic game. As proud owner of a new aquarium, you strive to become the best fish breeder and aquarium keeper in the world on FreeAquaZoo. A total of 24 entertaining, variety-packed levels await you. Starting as lowly Worm Bather on level 1, you work your way up to the highest of the high: Fish Whisperer. How can you excel at this aquatic game? By caring for your virtual fish as best you can. After all, the funny little fishies swimming to and fro in your tank need a little tender loving care just like the rest of us. Cuddle them, poke them and feed them in Free Aqua Zoo. Expressing true love for your aquarium fish may take a bit of effort, but it's oh so rewarding... Think some of your fish in this new browser game from upjers kind of act like deep-sea divas? Well, that might be because the international browser game producers once again followed their proven concept - maximum game play fun, innovative ideas, and free, free, free gameplay. All you need to get started with this browser game, as with all upjers-games, is a working email address. Just sign up and start playing without worrying about paying. As soon as you register, you can start exploring the fascinating virtual world. More than 50 different types of fish are waiting for you to care for them in Free Aqua Zoo. The colorful collection of fish in this browser game includes such strange and wonderful creatures as the Tanker Tuna, the Chameleon Tail, the Vacuum Fish and the Camel Fish. So that your fishy friends really feel at home, you can spice up their aquatic home in this aqua game with numerous decorations. After all, just because the fish in Free Aqua Zoo are, well, fish, doesn't mean that they don't have standards too! Of course, there are still many other ways for you to spoil the little gals and guys. Don't forget to clean their tank(s) regularly, so that your fish have a good view of you and your world on dry land, just as you have a clear view of their aquatic game world.

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