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As the largest tank battle of all time, Kursk was the ultimate battle of the titans. It caused the global powers to focus vast amounts of resources on improving the design and production of their tanks, representing the last great conventional arms race before the advent of the atomic bomb. The battle at the Kursk Salient was Germanys last attempt to avoid defeat in World War II. This conflict was marked by a ferocity that had not been seen by either side and has been remembered as the largest tank engagement in world history.

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    WWII was always a theme for many games. There were a lot of battles and happenings that just can’t and won’t be forgotten through history by its cruelty sacrifices but also bravery and tactical decisions that only a mastermind could think of. Frontline: Fields of Thunder just concentrates on one battle that happened in year 1943 between Soviets and Germans. But the fans of the genre will certainly recognize the graphics and the way the game is played as it is almost a copy of the game Blitzkrieg released by the same game developer. Sure, the location is different and it replicates one of the greatest tank battles of all time, but that doesn’t change the fact that we see almost the same game not so long released, released again. Anyway the action is happening at the Battle of Kursk. This is the most famous tank battle in the history of warfare between combatants known by reputation as excellent tank tacticians. You will be playing the game on both sides, so you will be sometimes in the defense sometimes in the offense modus. Frontline puts players in charge of a small combined arms force. Leading infantry, artillery, AT guns, supply trucks and tanks and will force you to get over many obstacles, take different positions in the city and country for a better establishment in the battle and better chance of winning against the computer. Each objective is defended by a few rows of AT guns and infantry trenches backed up by a handful of tanks, and the thing you will take care about the most with your own troops and enemy troops are the tanks. You'll have to engage the enemy in a way that minimizes your own losses while still giving you the best chance for a quick victory. By the time the game begins you will notice one key feature in the game that neither much of the war RTS or Blitzkrieg has. Normally ordering tanks or troops or any kind of back-up is done by clicking on how many troops you can buy or you have available, and you can call them almost at any point in the game. In the Frontline, that doesn’t work that way. You have to be very careful when using your units as the ones you have by yourself are the only ones you have. Fresh supplies and reinforcements won’t and can’t arrive. They can arrive only when you have fulfilled your objective on which you currently are. As for the enemies when you get in their range they will shot on sight, which can’t be said for the AI controlling your troops in between tasks. Every little step you make with the troops counts, and there will be also some micromanagement of the game especially with the infantry. So completing missions will be one hell of challenge for 80% of the players. Maybe, only the masters of the RTS will find this game a bit of challenging. Their a bit challenging takes away a couple of hours more to get pass a level which one of them would finish long ago. The best thing to do is to start saving early in the game, and do it as often as you can. Completing a mission will certainly provide a nice feeling of success, but for those who don’t I wouldn’t want to be in their skin when you get to the end of a level just to be destroyed and start over again. You can use airplanes to support you ground units, but also your ground units must do the same for your airplanes and takeout any antiaircraft arsenal. There are a couple of tasks you can give to an airplane squad like you can send scout planes, bombers and ground attack planes into the skies to help find your way through an enemy's defenses. As for the graphics of the game, even if not one of the newest, it does show still couple of qualities which can be ignored. Driving through a forest or a populated area with houses you will see trees crumbling in front of the tanks, or houses torn apart in some cases even set on fire when passing through them. The wealth of detail on the environmental objects and units is great. Tanks have great animations to go along with firing or moving and the camera lets you get as close to the action as you want. A nice touch with graphic details, but it’s a shame that the audio isn’t at the level of the graphics details, but still it does its job with solid results and quality. Combined with the largest and the best tank battle in history this game might just awaken interest in a certain amount of people.

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