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Young Marie Dupois just awoke from eternal slumber thanks to members of The Society, a mysterious group with an even stranger agenda. They have enlisted her to battle minions of The Thrum, a horde of monsters determined to take over. Why her? And how does someone who was a wealthy debutante in her previous life suddenly become a gun-wielding, bullet-blazing savior? Join Marie in 40 levels of pulse-pounding shooting action battling The Thrum and searching for her own answers. Fight through an army of undead adversaries using over 30 devastating weapons and mind-blowing power-ups. Conquer Adventure mode or attack Survival mode and unlock a ton of special achievements. Will Marie find a new calling in her un-life? Will she find out what happened to her beloved Lucas? Will she make it home in time for the next masquerade ball?

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    Imagine the last thing you can remember are a few moments before you will die, and then suddenly you are wake again, just like you were dreaming. That is probably how young Marie Dupois was feeling when she was awaken, but just so she could find out she was awoken from the dead. A group of people called The Society got together to awoken this once innocent girl, and now a gun slicing expert. When you start your missions, you will probably be skeptic of the game, as I was when I heard about it; especially it reminded me on another game very similar to this one. But with the gameplay started most of my doubts perished, but some remained… Let’s get a couple of things straight: parts in which the game had brilliant performance for its type of genre, is certainly the graphics part. The complete on screen graphics aren’t something to brag about, the small details are. The game developers concentrated on the games behavior on different actions done through the game, to make it as “real” as it can be. The nicely done details of shooting your enemies and the after effects like decapitation or visible holes in the torso are just one of them. The creatures are also incredibly well animated. Some zombies will shoot projectiles at Marie. The details go so far that projectiles used for firing, are slightly different on different weapons. In the style of the game, the sounds that follow different scenes are different and fit the actions that are taken almost perfectly. Every weapon has its own sound, and the zombies hit by them make different sounds too, depending on the weapon. As for the gameplay, Maria has 40 levels to clear out completely of any signs of evil and undead. Depending on how you prefer it, you can play two modes that the game offers you: Adventure (or story) mode and Survival mode. In the Adventure mode, you do pretty much what is mentioned above, get rid of the evil lurking across the Earth, and summoned by The Thrum. All you have to do is kill and kill and bit of additional killing too. When you start the adventure mode you have to kill every enemy, and destroy all of the portals through which they come from before you can continue to the next level. You start the game with a crossbow with unlimited number of ammo. When you kill an enemy, they usually leave something behind and mostly that will be weapons, but there are other more useful items they leave behind, besides weapons. Weapons that you pick up have limited number of ammo you can use, depending on the weapon you use, and you can change it however you want to, as there are about 30 different weapons you can use in the game, not to mention additional power-ups. What is even more rare, to pick up, are upgrades for you and your weapons. You can find different potions for replenishing your health or give your weapons attack bonus, or one of my favorites bullets ricochet of the walls. Also you will certainly find money that left behind the enemy which you will definitely need if you are planning to buy a couple of upgrades, but also weapons that can’t be picked up from the enemies. You will see that the developers tried a bit of breaking any monotony in the game as the battlefield is not just in one area that is mostly copied on all other places. As for the Survival mode of the game, it is as the name says for itself, a survival mode. All you do is kill, but now without a reason as it is a test for you to see how long can you stay alive killing zombies and werewolf’s without ending dead, again! The game offers a couple of achievements and challenges through the game, like increasing all of the weapons strength to its max, to get a reward or to get through a level without being hurt, or the number of creatures you have killed. All in all we have a game that is not something that will increase your adrenalin to the top, as there are levels when the game can get too easy and other way around. So the question ”Will you like it?”, the answer would be “Yes, you will”, but will you love it, well depends from player to player. See for yourself…

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 85

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