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The Destiny is $30 in this week, The New Order is also for $40 and there are so many other games that you can get this week at a reduced price. 



If you are a PlayStation 4 holder, then this is the week for you. 

You can buy a PS4 this week for a cost of $360 if you use the code PREZ10 in online shopping. 

This is not all. There are so many others games this week that are offered at a reduced price. Here is a list for all of you:



Destiny -  $30 in Amazon

Wolfenstein: The New Order  - $40 in Amazon

Saints Row IV: Re- Elected + Get Out of Hell  - $40 in Amazon

Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor  - $40 in Amazon

Natural Doctrine  - $29.24 in Amazon

Watch Dogs  - $26.22 in Amazon

Far Cry 4  - $38.37 in Amazon

Dragon Age: Inquisition  - $40 in Amazon

And it continues. 

This is not all, there are discounts for PC games, Wii U games and obviously for Xbox One games. 


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