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PlayStation consoles have always had an excellent sales and were the consoles they knew all the players of video games in the world. When we remember only well received and sold PSX console, it is no wonder that all the later PlayStation console is also well accepted. Sony is the time represented a better and stronger PlayStation consoles and players around the world, have been waiting for a new and improved version of their favorite console. PlayStation 4 is the last in a series of successful console and brings an incredibly well-done machine to play that all players will leave you breathless.



For a very short period of two years that has come out, Sony has sold about 25 million units of the console. Every day increases the number of consoles sold, and we think this is a very successful sales and reception with the players. PlayStation 4 during this period sold much more than the Xbox One, X360 and Wii U together. This is an impressive figure that demonstrates the success PS4 to market.



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