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Stop a gang of art thieves before they steal all of the world's priceless treasures in Grace's Quest - To Catch an Art Thief. Grace is visiting The Louvre in Paris with her best friend Chloe when a group of thieves steals the Mona Lisa and takes Chloe hostage. Now Grace, along with an agent from Interpol, is on the hunt to catch the thieves and rescue Chloe. Join the chase and capture the bandits before something happens to the artwork and Chloe. Explore 25 colorful locations when you visit the crime scene, and other heists, to collect evidence that will guide you to the thieves. Search for well-hidden objects and interact with 20 unique mini-games as you follow the intriguing story featuring charismatic characters. Can you pick up the trail and stop the thieves in time? Critics say, "With a great story, solid gameplay, and good looks to boot, Grace's Quest is a triple threat." See for yourself when you play Grace's Quest - To Catch an Art Thief free with the demo version or download the full version today!

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    Paris, the city of love, surely everyone wants at least once in their life to visit this great city, and if you got a friend there, whom you are just waiting to see you get a perfect mix of the two. Grace’s Quest starts pretty normally, just like any visit to an old friend. She arranged to meet up with her classmate Chloe, in the museum Louvre, as a symbolic place as they are both art students. Just as they meet, alarm goes on and they find their self in the middle of a robbery where the thieves stolen the precious Mona Lisa, but to make the things worse, they have kidnapped Chloe and taken her as a hostage with her. After the robbery Grace decides to join the Interpol and accompany them in their investigation and search for the missing painting and her missing friend. From that moment the game play begins, where you start with your search for them. You search all over the world’s most famous museums like Madrid, Moscow, London and of course Paris. Throughout the game you will be searching for clue, that is objects that are hidden everywhere, and the game genre is pretty based on the HOG. You will be searching every area, every room every possible clue that you can find, but as you find some clues, through them you discover that there are more clues that you must also find, for which you didn’t know until that moment. To be able to continue to the next are or room, you must find ALL the items that you are given on a list, like said, which adds new items through the level. You’ll also find yourself in doubt, because you know which item you are looking for, but you don’t know how it looks like. That’s why the game has a nice touch to the items list, where after a short period of time of holding the pointer on the searched item, a silhouette appears of the wanted item which is most useful. The greatest advantage of this game is certainly the large number of the mini-games, and their variety. Most of the games give mini-games that have no connection what so ever with the game, but in this case, throughout mini-games you can find yourself from something easy like making a tea or finishing a painting, to more difficult mini-games like playing with Chloe in a attempt to escape the kidnappers. You’ll also find yourself on different crime scenes investigating them for fingerprints, or remnants of some crucial clues. All of the mini-games are skip-able if you wait for a certain period of time, but that only cripples the game from an exciting story. With a great story, solid game play, and good looks this trinity is a great combination for a sure success for a game. If you are a HOG fan, this game must be at least played as demo, to experience its fun.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 194

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