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Amanda finds herself alone in her grandfather's house after his funeral. While lamenting the passing, a voice calls out that thrusts her into a secret world she never knew existed. For centuries, the Guardians of Magic have protected a hidden realm, and her grandfather was one of them. Now, the Guardians face a technological threat from Amanda's own mentor, Dr. Talbot Magus. To stop him, she must discover her grandfather's secrets and learn to use her own unexpected magical talent. But will it be enough to save the Guardians of Magic? Join Amanda on this astounding journey between scientific and magical realms. Explore 27 wondrous scenes and solve masterful puzzles to find the balance. Cast spells with your wand, build magical devices, and use technological savvy to stop Dr. Magus. With impressive mini-games, an engaging story, and an amazing ending, Guardians of Magic - Amanda's Awakening is a wonderful escape that's certain to please.

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    Introduction: When you are a fan of the technology, and the fact that you can always count and rely that it will evolve, advance, be better, making our lives easier why wouldn’t anyone accept it? But like each nice tale for kids, this one has its other side that not everyone knows, but many suspect and in some point they are probably right. Technology means advance in health, easier living, but also advancing in weapons development, more dangerous discoveries and so forth, but still that doesn’t represent the real nature of science, especially if it’s being used by a mad scientist. Gameplay: When you go to your grandfathers funeral you probably don’t expect that much, a few old memories told, some old things shown from his past, but to be left with a legacy that has the burden of an entire realm put on your shoulders, now that is different. Your grandfather was one of the guardians of the magical realm, from people like Dr. Talbot Magus. What gets everything in motion is the fact that Amanda is Dr. Talbot’s student and everything she knows is about science is thanks to him. So when she heard that she needs to protect magic, it kind a got her confused. Besides the fact that she doesn’t know anything about magic, her grandfather left behind two machines that are able to help her in her quest of maintain all of that, but for her own safety he has dismantled the machines into multiple parts, so you can put it together when the time comes. One of the machines has the ability of uncovering hidden mythical creatures, while the other has a much more helpful function. The other one is able to drain all of the electricity out of the pointed device. This device will show itself much more useful when the battle against the scientist starts. You might wonder that finding these parts requires of you hidden object skills tracking, but it’s only partially true, as the items aren’t left there in plain sight. This is the part of hidden object, but the items itself are put in boxes and to open you need to solve the puzzle that is used to unlock it. If you are not in the mood for solving these puzzles then you just have to wait for a couple of seconds and the skip button will appear, solving the puzzle. The puzzles themselves are not something that you need to be worry about much as they are usually made to be easy solved. This also goes for finding them (except in some cases), and later when the game advances you won’t feel such increase in difficulty, still getting the feeling that it is very easy. The puzzles that you find won’t be anything too innovative. They are mostly old fashioned puzzles and some of the challenges that are adapted to the game. When Amanda starts to develop her magical skills, she must do it quickly as the must hone their power together with the knowledge that she has about science. She will learn four main spells that will be used through the game, but one of them has the upper hand compared to other. Travel, the first spell she picks up, is used to move between the various magical realms that link to her grandfather's home. Fire and Freeze are both self-explanatory, while Spark is handy for disabling the flying robots that turn up now and then to hinder their progress. The robots will attack, but that won’t be that frequent in the game, so you will be using mostly the Travel spell. Spells, even if previously said that Amanda learns them in time, are added to your character by collecting them and then activated by tracing the symbols found on the screen. Through the game Amanda will be helped by another magician called Mera. He is being held in some secret location and you need to help him get out of there by finding him of course. If you get stuck somewhere the hint system will help you, but the help is quite poor. The hint’s given to you are usually in a form keep searching it is around there somewhere. There will be no specific sayings that will lead you to the item you are searching for, or help you around some puzzles. Every game has its own pros and cons and this one is one rank in favor of pros. The story of the game has shown itself pretty interesting, combined with some very interesting genre and the way the game is played. However the game shows its weakness in a part of a game that commonly known and that is pixel hunting. This has to do with the hint system, as when you find yourself stuck in one place and can’t continue, you have no other choice then pixel hunting. Graphics and sound: The level of details put into this game, is well nothing to brag about. There aren’t that many games there, in the casual market, that you can really tell that something is new in the graphics. This one is just like many others with some details changed and adapted to the games story. The sound of the game is not that rich at all, with some voice acting, likewise nothing to brag about. When you start to play the game you won’t even notice this until it’s too late, but the music that you hear in the background will give you a very nice environment effect to give you a better experience of the gameplay. All in all a game worthy of looking into and playing, as it won’t give you a feeling that you accomplished something big, but it will fulfill the 3-4 hours that you need to finish the game, and you won’t complain at all…

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 84

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