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Guild Wars is game released 26 April 2005 and thats one of the most popular MMO RPG's ever with World of Warcraft and Starcraft of course .

Since 2005 players searching for good way how to make gold fast. Farm is good thing for that there is list of most popular farms in Guild Wars

Before I start writing it you can whisper me I can help you for everything about Guild Wars and farms
And there is 3 most popular farms in game


Flashing Blades Farmer - for this farm you need to have Assassin/ anything because you will need just Assassin skills 

Multi purpose Assassin build that can be used to farm mobs in PvE through redirected damage from Flashing Blades while spamming attack chains.

 Vaettirs Farm - my favourite Assassin farm, you need A/Me or A/Mo for this you can play both its same, also thats in EoTN so you farm Norn points there, so you can max tittle. Vaettirs drop Glacial Stones, that stones are used to make gloves :)


Raptor Farm - Best farm in game I think, you can play this farm with many professions but best is Warrior / Necro, also you can play Dervish / Necro + many other ways but Warrior one is best, there you killing raptors like farm said and Rekoff boss. Great way to max Asura tittle :)


Thats it about Farms in Guild Wars theres alot more farms in game but they are not so good, find more things about gold earning in Guild Wars 1 in our next article who in coming soon

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