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Looks like pretty much every game today is hopping on the battle royale hype-train, meaning that competition in fierce. And when Halo 6 / Halo Infinite got teased, people assumed that it will, too, have a battle royale mode. However, 343 Industries lead writer Jeff Easterling said during a live stream...

" I'll tell you right now, the only 'BR' we're really interested in is 'Battle Rifle'. The original 'BR.' So, calm yourself. "

Of course, this is not a definite confirmation that there will be no battle royale mode, but it is good enough to dismiss the fact, just because pretty much every game has embraced it, it it is spreading like a forests fire.  Activision and EA have both made a point of emphasizing the presence of battle royale modes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5.


Looks like Microsoft and 343 is not hopping onto the train because there is a very likely chance that the train will stop - people will simple loose interest in the whole battle royale gameplay and simply stop caring. The genre will stay there, but it will most certainly deflate over time. 

However, if it does't, looks like that one of the few ways to stand out with you FPS or TPS game is NOT to include a Battle Royale mode.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Halo 6 will not feature Battle Royale - let's all hope that the devs focus on making the game better. There is no confirmed release date, but it is expected that the game will come out later next year. 

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