Here is conclusion of lying to Blizzard's Customer Support

Here is conclusion of lying to Blizzard's Customer Support description



Heroes of the Storm has an issue with toxic players like League of Legends does and all other MOBA's. In Heroes of the Storm you can report others for offensive words.The reported player can get silenced and they will not be able to chat for a long time. One "smart" ,"toxic" player tried to lie on Blizzard's support forums in the hopes of getting the issue resolved.

Here is what he said : "WOW I am

"WOW I am soooo disappointed.Anytime anyone on the team has a problem and gets toxic I report them, and type reported. But I guess when you do that they will report you for reporting them. I did not break any rules, but I am silenced. Thanks Blizzard. Do you even LOOK at the reports, or is the terms of service only for show?"

Well, Blizzard does look at the reports.
Blizzard support : "For confirmation, you were not silenced for reporting others.You were silenced for using chat like this:"

2016-06-07 19:25:03 -- LILI WHAT THE [double expletives] ARE YOU DOING [expletive noun]
2016-06-11 10:46:50 -- kill tracer noobs [religious figure] [obscene word]
2016-06-14 00:35:25 -- AWSOME the [offensive words] THAT CANT REPLY TO MY INSULTS TOOK MY PICK
2016-06-14 -- lol I will [politer word would've been 'mess with'] with him the whole game now

"If anyone finds themselves in a situation where they believe they incorrectly were silenced, you are welcome to submit an appeal through our Support Site and our Game Masters will review the logs attached to your case,
Thank you!"

That is what you get when you lie to Blizzard's Customer Support.



Here is conclusion of lying to Blizzard's Customer Support screenshots

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