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Delve into the magical 3D fantasy world of Might and Magic as a brave and adventurous hero and leader, and test your skills in this exciting strategical and tactical MMORPG browser game.Heroes of Might and Magic Online is an enchanting and exciting turn-based strategy MMORPG game. Create your very own hero from over 8 races - Human, Arcane, Undead, Barbarian, Marshland, Subterranean, Sylvan and Infernal – and a further 16 classes, and prepare to lead your fierce army to the battlefield! Heroes of Might and Magic Online has an impressive 9 Factions to choose from – Rampart, Castle, Fortress, Stronghold, Dungeon, Tower, Necropolis, Inferno and Empire – to ensure that the excitement never ends! Explore the land, build and manage cities, and continue to raise and strengthen your legion so that your empire can continue to grow and claim victory at the battlefield. There are hundreds of campaigns and challenges to test your combative skills in Heroes of Might and Magic Online. Perfect your magic spells and increase your Water, Air, Earth and Fire Magic skills.

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