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After recovering the Treasure of the Ages in their first adventure, Will and Anna are settling down and turning an ancient castle into a new museum. But, they get a sudden surprise when Will knocks over a crystal ball and accidentally summons Merlin the wizard! Even more surprising is the fact that their quaint little castle is actually Camelot! Help Will and Anna scour the globe for hidden objects on an exciting quest to collect the pieces of King Arthur's armor and return them to Camelot and Merlin before times out. Featuring 50 locations of stunning detail to search, an original storyline full of startling twists, and delightful hidden object fun, Hide & Secret - Cliffhanger Castle is a wonderful treat for hidden object adventurers.

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    Introduction: Castles have always been a part of my interests as they are bonded to something greater and much older that is linked to our history. What I mean by this is that the castles probably without our knowledge of it hold within themselves some secrets still waiting to be discovered in form of artifacts, which are old for several centuries. Everything mentioned so far has a purpose to introduce the depth of the game and try to explain and let you know about some of the items that have exited(exist) in our world in a more mythical way. Gameplay: The protagonists in this game will be familiar from earlier sequel of the game and the story of their life. Will and Anna are commonly known as people who reconstruct old buildings. Now this doesn’t surprise me when it comes to Anna, but Will is somewhat ‘strange’ at least. The developers of the game has an idea to make him that way, well to be exact to make him funny for those who think they are funny but not. The place that they need to reconstruct is an old castle, just like the game title says Cliffhanger Castle. Their idea is to collect all of the worthy things, shape it up a little bit and then make a museum out of it. So as the preparation process started Will (who else…) knocked over a crystal ball that was lying around and doing so released a force that shaped the history, Merlin. Everybody knows Merlin, mostly good Merlin, and here he has his own interests where he wants to be served in order to continue what he has started with King Arthur. With the explaining started they first find out that the Cliffhanger castle is in fact Camelot, the legendary castle of the Knights of the Round Table. Then everything else was explained to them by Merlin and of course that they must travel around the world to find the artifacts, with priceless historical value. Merlin needs those artifacts to unlock the secret hideout of the mythical armor that King Arthur was wearing, as it is the key to find his living descendants. The artifacts that need to found are like the Jade dragon, King Tut’s mask, and so forth… So as the game begins you will enter a world of mystery and excitement, but where you will really enter is a realm of hidden objects and spot the difference scenes. This part of the game won’t represent anything new and unseen so far, in fact you will see a lot of repeated content if you are in this type of game. But the fact remains that this game will intrigue you plenty, but this isn’t thanks to the ‘wild’ hidden search. The things start to heat up as you search for the artifacts as you need to unlock Arthur’s armor. A simple search for items ends up in a life threatening situation as different traps set of as you search for items and collect them. Now you need to figure out, how to flee from those traps and make it back alive to continue the search for other items. The items finding will be a classical ghost house treasure hunting, while the spot the difference is done more in an around the world style. The ghost part of the game is used too much, but when you think about it, it is also necessary to keep the games at the standard they are right now, and simply keep upgrading them to a new level by adding new content that will make the old actions wanted, just like this game has done. Unfortunately the game has still a couple of slips that haven’t been removed, and even though this shouldn’t be a problem in a world where English is a certainly the most spread language on the planet, there are still mistakes about the terms used for items in the game, which can get confusing at times. But this isn’t just about the terms, it’s about the items themselves, due to their double meanings and of course hidden content (too hidden at some points during the game), it still represents the features that need to be fixed about this game. However, remembering back the previous part of the game, what it represented and this version, the progress is more than obvious. One of the ways to bypass that is through the hints that you can collect in the game. First you can have two hints per level. There are 36 levels in the game that you will visit, accompanied with 50 locations that will provide sufficient gameplay, but still for some it is not enough ever… The random clicking isn’t punished in an old-fashioned way, as you only get warnings from Merlin that you should take it easy! The story of the game if skipped in some places can be retraced later as the game is finished through the story mode, as you can chose to go through all of the cut scenes and dialogues creating yourself a nice little video to get to know the whole premise a lot better if you want to. Graphics and sound: The graphics of the game is definitely an improvement to the previous game just like the whole game, but still it is far from perfect. There are those items that are hard to find, but what bugs me is the fact the most of the items are too easy to spot right away, making the game not challenging enough. Sound is hard to describe, as there isn’t much to describe...If you played a couple of these games, than you are familiar with everything that you need to know. Sounds remain pretty much the same, except maybe for some special effects, depending on the occasion for which it is used.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 62

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