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Jacque, an antiquities thief, is up to his old tricks again kidnapping Professor Columbia for his evil plans. He wants to achieve immortality by stealing precious idols and offering the Professor as a human sacrifice. In his twisted mind, he believes he can then make Anna Lyze his queen for eternity, but Will, Lord Rockwood, and the other adventurers are not about to let that happen. Stop the sinister Jacque and this new threat as you venture to a forgotten island where time stands still. Search for the Professor in your journey through haunted ruins and diabolical traps. Solve exciting puzzles, locate helpful items, and overcome giant creatures. With two fun game modes, an in-game Strategy Guide, and a host of unimaginable dangers, this grand expedition is certain to thrill you.

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    Introduction: Ever wondered where do the legends about special items hidden around world come from? In every culture there are always some artifacts that were worshiped through their age as possessing special powers, and the Holy Grale is probably the best example of it. There were similar items with similar legends about them, like the Ankh from Egyptian culture, The Spear of Destiny, Excalibur, not to mention the various legends and myth about cursed pirate treasures. The list goes on and on and has quite a number of items that are probably used somewhere and sometimes in other games. The story and theme of our game has a quite infamous and well-known plot which won’t come as a big surprise to any gamer who has a couple of history/myth games behind himself. Gameplay: The story goes with a relic of great importance being stolen, and according to many it contains enough power within itself to give a normal human the power of immortality. But that is not the only thing stolen, as professor Colombia has been kidnapped by the same man who has stolen the relic, and that is Jacques. Jacques has fled to a place called the Lost World and he intends to sacrifice professor Colombia in order to obtain the power that the golden artifact holds within it. Immediately after receiving this information you organize and expedition with a special team that needs to find Jacque and find the professor and retrieve the artifact. However there is a little problem during your flight to the designated location, as the plane crashes and you get split apart from your team. Even though they are a very talented group of people (as the game describes them) they seem to have a tendency of not being able to get out of trouble on their own, leaving you to do all the work and save them all individually. Even after you successfully save them from their crash, the trouble for them doesn’t end there as they seem to be a magnet for attracting new trouble which makes you some sort of a baby sitter for them. In addition to your friends, you will also be helping out the village chief recover his two lost granddaughters, which kind of completes the triangle of actions you need to be doing in this game: help others-help your friends-catch the bad guy. So with the story told and you prepared for action, the gameplay starts by asking you what mode of the game will you choose from, relaxed or expert. The story and actions done in the game that trigger the events are completely the same in both modes, but what is different is the following: relaxed mode by the name itself is apparently the easier one, with the hint system being much more generous, the skip timer is also fast recharging and there is no penalties for clicking like a maniac all over the screen. The expert mode is the opposite of it, with the hint system slower recharging, and if you click wrong too many times the screen goes black for a couple of seconds. If you do find yourself not being able to continue from one point there is the hint system, however it will react differently in different scenes. The hint system is mostly made to be used in the hidden object scenes, giving you clues to the items which you are seeking. If you use the hint outside the hidden object scenes, then you will be shown a strategy guide to help you deal with the current situation in which you are in. The game is mainly consisted from mini-games, puzzles and hidden object scenes, making it a very familiar but reliable combination. When you start collecting items across the game you will be doing a lot of searching for the rest of the items as the game uses inventory based puzzles making you search the whole map for the right item. Luckily there is no need for you to clicking and walk from one side of the jungle to another. There is a map guide that enables you to teleport across the game map¸ but only in those locations that you have opened before. The mini-games fit the story pretty well and were fairly easy to do. There were a couple of interesting uses for jigsaw puzzles and slide-the-column-and-row puzzles, but if you don’t feel like playing them you can skip them if the skip bar is giving you the option to skip it. Graphics and sound: The thing that the game can brag about the most is from my point of view the graphics. The whole game is made in a mysterious dark and isolated way, but still keeping the level of details right to the end of the game. The scenes are all clear, and like I said even the ‘dark’ parts are bright enough to be searched through. As for the sound of the game, there is no voice acting in the game, however the music in the game and the background noises from the different environment keeps up with every scene of the game, creating the whole great environment in which you will definitely enjoy.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 156

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