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The skilled staff at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital wants you to join them in a race to unravel medical mysteries. From a travelling show host to a disgruntled chef, their newest patients have completely stumped them, and the clock is ticking to save their lives. Will you figure out what's wrong before it's too late? Help Dr. Gregory House and his staff investigate their patient's abnormal conditions to find a cure. Track down the correct diagnosis by interviewing and examining patients, performing lab tests, surgery, and more in five thrilling episodes. Interact with the show's familiar faces and follow their witty dialogue to its conclusion, but be prepared for multiple twists and turns.

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    Dr. House, I can tell you it is a good show even though I have seen only a couple of episodes as I never have an extra wish of sitting in front of a TV and changing channels. PC is my thing and as seen on the TV series ratings on the net that other people have the same opinion. However does that mean that we will also get an extra game to play? The answer is yes and no and both answers are very valid. This is because not everything can be changes into another form of media in this case PC media. I say this because a lot of TV series or cartoons have been taken as a theme and turned into films and rarely, very rarely have some of them succeeded in that plan, while on the other hand from cartoons there are some pretty good games that have been made and TV series too like CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), so this is no foreign territory. Now to explain both of the answer, Yes means the game has and will find fans that will definitely enjoy the gameplay and enjoy almost every minute of it, but in that same answers comes No, as only the fans will enjoy because to others it will be just one of those standard games on the casual market which are rarely even worth trying even as a demo. But the manufactures of the game probably had that intention in mind, as having released the game with the sole intention for the fans of the TV series to have something to remind them what makes them come back every day or week depending on the TV station to see the series and not to forget between the seasons to what makes the series so interesting. Dr. House is back in this game, which is about him and his famous crew and with all the things that made the series so good (well at least with the attempts of it) to solve the medical mysteries that are bugging your patients. Just like the TV series, House, M.D. has Dr. House and his team diagnosing some of the strangest medical issues around. The game is divided into five different chapters, which basically differ in the difficulty as from one chapter to another the illnesses that infect the patients are harder to discover and to cure. Like always you will find Dr. House in plenty of situations in which he is making some ‘bad’ jokes about his coworkers and the patients in the hospital and let’s just say that they are not so glamorous jokes. When it comes to the gameplay itself that is probably the best part, as for the main gameplay as in every chapter you are given patients with different illnesses and to figure out what type of illness it is, is not a piece of cake. This will make you strive to perfection and of course faster detection of sickness that the patient is infected with, making you become a real Dr. House. When it comes to diagnostics of the sicknesses you will be doing those through different mini-games, for example: You will have four different instruments that you take at will. You select the instrument that you think is right for inspection that is to diagnose the illness. If you have mistaken in the instrument selection there is no harm done at all as you change it back for another. Presuming you have selected the right one, you will then examine the patient on different places on their body to figure out what is wrong with them, however you need to know where to click that is where are the right spots to click on for examination. Generally this won’t represent any great problem at all. You'll also get the chance to do some actual medical procedures, many of which are pretty fun. The multi-step process of taking samples of a patient's blood, for instance, is easy but requires you to do everything from tightening the tourniquet to sterilizing the wound. But in some point of the procedure you might experience some issues, not technical but more a complexity thing (you’ll see what I mean). One of the additional things in the game is the HOG scenes, in which you will be searching around the rooms for different items. Normally there would be a hint system, but in this case there is no need for doing that, especially as you move the mouse around it highlights the item you need to pick up. There are also some ‘investigation’ and questioning of the patients. There is nothing complicated to this, as you are offered answers, better yet questions that you are going to ask. If mistaken you just repeat the process until you get it right, so there are no penalties. There are other mini-games that you will come across that will make you either more attracted to the game or repulse you from the game, or both for that matter. You will see for yourself, but unless you are acquainted with the story and the characters showing some interest in this game will be quite rare.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 319

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