How to make Battlecry Female Character

How to make Battlecry Female Character description

There is How Bethesda Designed Battlecry's Female Characters.

One of the things many players of this game wanted to see is how to make female warrior.


The developer show free to play multiplayer game Battlecry and steps how to make female character in Battlecry. The company explained it today. 

Rich Vogel executive producer of Battlecry said during presentation next words "We have both male and female warriors in our game, and one of the things we wanted to do was make sure our female warriors are aspirational to female players," Vogel explained. The game's female characters should represent what female players "would enjoy and be proud of playing," instead of "something you would see at a strip club,"



And for those who don't know Battlecry is a 32- player online multiplayer game not yet released. The game is unique art of Viktor Antonov

In this game there is no guns so combat is up close or personal. Overall Battlecry is a game that accentuates nobility of battle.

On E3 its announced that there is beta version of this game who is available worldwide. Later you can sign up for free to test beta version on their official website.






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