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I see you slacking. Yes, you! I am talking to you, who is at work and is thinking it would be interesting to play a fun game online. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to install Adobe Flash on your computer. However, you realize that there is no good online game to play that does not require Flash, right? Wrong!

HTML5 games are available in all modern browsers and work without plug-ins or installations. All you have to do is click and play. What's more, they are just as enjoyable as Flash games. So, here is a list of free HTML5 games online that you can play without installing Adobe Flash.

       1/ Smarty Bubbles



This game has become a classic by now. Your goal is to get the highest score possible by eliminating the bubbles from the board. You have to plan strategically by watching for the next bubble to come, use the handy arrow to help you aim and ricochet off the walls to make those difficult shots. What's the best score you can get? Don’t forget to write your score in a comment down below.

       2/ Fruita Crush



Fruita Crush puzzle is another match-three game online and without flash. You have to drag and connect three or more fruits to remove them from the board and score.

Each of the 100 levels has a different goal to reach in a certain number of moves. And connecting more than three fruits will give you special pieces like explosive bombs and handy line eliminators. These provide more points than the standard pieces.

       3/ Jewelish



When you prefer costume jewelry to tasty fruit, Jewelish is the game for you. With two minutes on the clock, swipe to connect three or more gems.

Like Fruita Crush, connecting more than three will give you cool jewels that clear columns and rows or blow up surrounding pieces. If you want a quick way to score without playing multiple levels, Jewelish is a fun option.

       4/ Jungle Run



If you like endless platform games, grab some bananas and play Jungle Run. You can choose to play as Kiba or Kumba, the two monkeys with great skills.

Run and jump, collect stars and bonuses, and see if you can survive through the 30 challenging levels. And be sure to watch out for the enemies, because they will shoot you down quickly.

       5/ Sports Mahjong



Sports Mahjong is a version of the classic Mahjong game with a sports theme. The game is as usual when you match open tiles to clear the board. The game features lively music, a shuffle option, and hints if you get stuck.

If you like Mahjong and are looking for variations on unusual themes, Sports Mahjong is a great addition to your non-flash game collection.

       6/ Tentrix



It looks like Tetris, feels like Tetris, but is completely different from Tetris. This game is called Tentrix and your objective is to use different shaped pieces to clear the rows and columns of the board.

       7/ king of thieves



King of Thieves is an addictive platform adventure created by the makers of Cut the Rope. In each of the levels, you will have to plan and show excellent clicking or tapping skills. You must maneuver around obstacles and enemies while bouncing off walls to get to the treasure chest.

Crazy characters, dangerous cannons, and scary spikes are everywhere... so watch your moves!

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