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By playing the game, many would think that it's all so easy and free, and if it is not that. There are games that are free, but many games that play today are very expensive, and the players are finding many ways to reach your copies. There are a publishing house that sometimes donate some of their games and thus bring great excitement among the players population. The same is done and studio Humble Store by giving away a game Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones and free.



This is a game that belongs to a very popular stealth genre and which is usually sold at a price of 15 euros. In addition to the free gifts, video games players can purchase some other good titles for pennies on the dollar. Not a lot of money and games on offer are excellent. For two euros you can dobir the following games: Rogue Legacy, Legend of Grimrock and Terraria. A little more expensive the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which costs three euros. And it is not expensive.



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