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Hyrule Warriors is coming next Friday, September 26, and the review scores have been trickling in all day. It looks like for the most part, the game has been garnering relatively decent scores, and was also engaging enough to keep our Editor-in-Chief Brian Walton in office after hours playing it on a Friday night. I’ll let that speak for itself. Here’s a look at the numbers the game’s been generating across the web:

Joystiq: Like another delicious mashup, the Cadbury Creme Egg, Hyrule Warriors is superficially dead simple, but for those willing to unwrap its foil lining and bite through the chocolate shell, there lies a wealth of cleverly designed gameplay mechanics, charming references to fan-favorite characters and locations and a whole lot of tasty, sugary goo. 4/5 Destructoid: Hyrule Warriors can fall into the same trappings as any hack and slash, but the amount of effort that went into making it enjoyable for Zelda fans is staggering. This is one of the best couch co-op games I've ever played, warts and all. 8.5/10 IGN: Surprisingly, Hyrule Warriors does a good job of tying together the combat of Dynasty Warriors and the revered characters and lore of the Legend of Zelda series in a way that makes me feel powerful in a world I love. 7/10 CVG: And that final point is perhaps the most important, a true reasoning behind matching these two seemingly opposed series. Warriors has taken Zelda and turned it into all-out war, without compromising its core ideals. Zelda has taken Warriors and helped address its pervasive, superficial issues, while still drawing out the essence of the long-running series. 8/10 Nintendo Life: For those that come in expecting a classic Legend of Zelda adventure this could potentially be an underwhelming experience; yet as a fun action game with plenty of content is delivers well. Once the problem of perception — courtesy of the iconic characters at play — is resolved, this is an entertaining addition for action fans. 7/10




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