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Anna's ice cream empire prospers, but a dangerous scheme now threatens the taste buds of citizens around the world. The despicable Dr. Bane has developed a line of ice cream made entirely of secret artificial chemicals. This new ice cream is so cheap that despite its shadowy nature, it has quickly become the top-selling ice cream. Seeing the world exposed to this potential hazard, Anna decides to create her own natural brand and provide a healthier choice. Follow Anna and create the freshest ice cream in over 100 tasty levels. Complete exciting challenges and supply your factory with healthy ingredients including strawberries, oranges and more. Uncover hidden bonuses, serve a slew of peculiar customers, and seek out mentors that will help improve six special abilities crucial to your success. Win back the market and destroy Dr. Bane's evil scheme.

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    Introduction: Educating games are a rarity in our time as everything runs around things that are fun, but the most important thing that kids and even adults ‘know’ is that they are boring. So creating a game that deals with a worldwide problem is kind of risky due to the great chance of failure, then with the other game genres. So what to do about that? Well normally a solution for this problem would be difficult to find, but the manufactures of the Ice Cream Craze found it in the thing that interests people more than their education and that is their belly. Let’s face it, we are what we eat and that is known for some time now, but for people especially in the West parts of the world, there is nothing better than eating organic food, especially if it’s homemade. So the manufacture used that fact for creating this game, and the result was more than satisfying as this is the third sequel of the game. Gameplay: The story of the game represents the fight between the fabric made ingredients that are used for the ice cream, making it much cheaper and available everywhere… However the hero of our story, Anna, doesn’t give up that easily and then she decides to fight against the already grown empire of cheap industry ice cream. Her weapon will be also ice cream but her ice cream will be made out of natural ingredients making the ice cream so much delicious, so no one could resist it… In Ice Cream Craze: Natural Hero you will need to serve customers, purchase ingredients and upgrade your skills. This game hasn’t got any particular flow that needs to be completed one step at a time, and every player will have slightly different game then another player. The game goals are made to be the same for any player, meaning that the game will advance as you deal with the goals given to you. The main goal of the game is to defeat Dr. Bane who is using his ice cream to conquer to whole market leaving no space for the competition. Every day you can select three new ingredients that you can add to sell to the customers and that is very important as fresh ingredients are the key of winning over the customers from the Dr. Bane’s side. He already holds the entire market and only a better product will make the customers transfer to your side. But that is just the tip of the ice berg as the three given ingredients are just the beginning as every location has 7 hidden ingredients across the shop which you need to find. When you get the ingredients, as you sell the ice cream the level of quantity will start to diminish. Because of the sensitive nature you are playing in, everything and I mean everything costs you money. What’s worse the actions you want to take are easier on the beginning as everything becomes more and more expensive as you go further into the game, making you strategize from the beginning of the game, deciding the place of selling the ice cream or would you rather upgrade your shop or buy additional skill for you. What’s new about this game is the system that the game uses to upgrade the shop or for you to gain new skills. Like previously said you will have to pay for it, as a character from the game will teach you or help you depending on what you need. For example upgrading a machine in your shop is done by playing a mini-game that is similar to the main gameplay, but with some additional conditions that need to be fulfilled making it a bit harder from the main game mode. Like the game, the upgrades that come after will become harder to conquer, but there is the restart option if you fail just in case. Every location is characterized by its unique set of customers that will make you adapt to them. If you don’t do that, than completing the game becomes from a medium-hard job to almost impossible task. Each location has its customers, for example teenagers which are not that demanding and have a lot of patience, which is good for the beginner players, but when you come to more advanced customers like the magicians and mummies where additional skills don’t work, only the true players will be able to reveal their art of playing time management games. After all of this comes along Dr. Bane and the only way of defeating him is with his own product (ice cream). You have to shot him with ice cream balls after which he will retire a couple of times, until the final fight against him. Graphics and sound: The graphics of the game is quite odd for me. I haven’t played the first two parts so I’m not familiar with the level of graphic details there, but to be sincere when I first saw Anne, I thought she was the bad guy, even though she holds the ice cream in her hands, and wears a ‘pretty’ dress. This cartoon meets some weird sort of alien-human mutants graphics is strange for me, and I don’t have a good or bad opinion about it. It is rare for me to be indecisive when it comes to this, but I just can’t put a finger on what this is. The sound of the game is nothing special that needs to be point out. Standard music for the time management games, while the graphics had some issues, for me it wasn’t something that needed looking into it. A game made to learn, play and the most important have fun while realizing how much you can enjoy the world’s benefits if you look a little deeper for them.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 37

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