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Build your very own ice cream empire in Ice Cream Craze - Tycoon Takeover, a revolutionary time management game that lets you choose your own path to success! Many ice cream makers before you have tried to wrestle control of the industry from BigCo, a titan of the dessert business. But none of them had your savvy for sweet treats! Drive your ice cream truck around town, meet local business owners, complete challenges to gain their trust, set up ice cream stands in new locations, and earn upgrades and new features that will take your business to the next level. The path you choose to grow your business is entirely yours! Once your business is booming, take on BigCo in the ultimate battle for ice cream supremacy! Featuring an all-new, "choose your own adventure" type of gameplay, more 100 challenging levels, a variety of quirky customers, and much more, Ice Cream Craze - Tycoon Takeover is a unique experience for gamers of all ages. Try the Ice Cream Craze - Tycoon Takeover free trial and then upgrade to the Ice Cream Craze full version and enjoy fresh scoop of fun, with all the toppings, today!

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    In this sequel to the original Ice Cream Craze, help Anna beat the odds and grow her ice cream business, so that she can challenge the well-established ice cream tycoon BigCo. Big Co has been a big name for years in the ice cream industry and now has monopolized the entire market as all the small ice cream stalls in town have shut down. But Anna is hardworking, talented and takes up the daunting task of giving BigCo a run for their money. You begin with only an ice cream truck and travel your way through the town, talking to entrepreneurs, building trust and earning cash to attain your goals. It is a time management game but uniquely crafted to test your intellect and provides a unique gaming experience. You need $5000 in the bank and have to impress owners across 9 locations around the town, building a strong presence. Work hard to meet demanding customers, initially serving just cones and from within 3 flavors and toppings. As the levels progress you find it quite challenging to manage between cones, brownies, pies and all sorts of flavors and toppings. Unlike other time management games, successful completion of a level rewards you with an upgrade like an espresso machine or a cupcake platter. But each day's activity in this wonderfully sequenced game has a huge impact on the next day' business and the overall outcome of the game. So apply your strategies well to decide whether to work for a handy upgrade or instead focus on setting up new stalls that generate more revenue. Try the free game download for hours of engrossing fun and stimulating gameplay. The fast paced and addictive gameplay will keep you entertained for hours as you hone your business skills and race against time to build a brand that can compete with the best in the industry. Pleasant graphics and a perfectly themed background score add to the vibrant feel of the game as you play over 100 exciting levels to become the most successful ice-cream tycoon games in town.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 47

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