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The Danish government wanted to annex the duchy of Schleswig to the Danish kingdom while the Prussian government wanted Schleswig to become a part of Germany. A key element of Denmark's war strategy was the blockade of Germany's Baltic sea ports, thereby disrupting German overseas trade and hindering Prussian naval operations in support the Prussian army. The supreme commander of the Prussian army insisted that the navy attempt to breach the blockade.

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    Not many of these games has been presented on the games market as this battle is quite unknown to the general public and the battle itself is mostly known to the books and the people who like reading about old wars and battles throughout history. We have seen a nice number of games presented in the game market and every game has its own distinguished markings that make her stand out at least a bit from the others. In this games case it is this specific battle as the rest is nothing that special you haven’t seen before if you have played this type of games before. The game has to offer a bit of something to everyone, as you can play in a bit unreal mode with additional options and possibilities a bit ‘too advanced’ for that age. But if you want to play in the real age with normal and historical facts (as much as they are accurate) than you can change exactly to that mode the normal one based on historical facts. The characteristic of this mode are exactly the ones that were of the ships from 150 years ago. The movability of the ships was determined by the ships dimensions and of course the maneuvering skills of the crew but also the ships possibilities. This indicates that some of factors that are crucial for an average game were included and taken care of during the creation of the game. However this game is not that average but far from perfect either. Collisions occur frequently and require one of the vessels involved to stop; therefore, slowness in reversing speed can foul a battle line. While we are at maneuvering capabilities, if you want a hard turn (at huge angle) you will have to be moving at a very slow pace. Going with the flow of the games adapting to the time in which everything happens is the ratio of fire. The reloading was done manually and the heavy cannon balls were not that easily to reload making the time necessary quite big when you are involved in a battle. That’s why there is a hold fire button that helps in situations in which you are uncertain if you are in the best possible position of firing. Just like in a real battle there are different types of damage on the ship, depending on where the ship was hit whether it is the deck or bellow in the boats structure. The battles are clearly decided by the opponent that has won the battle that which fleet is still standing in its place, while the loser’s ships are sunken or running away. There are different criteria and damage reports from which you can determine how could the battle end up, but having a big fleet doesn’t mean that you will win the game. Strategy is the key factor especially in these games that decides how the battle will end. You won’t be buying ships just like that without looking their characteristics especially as there are five different ship categories from which you can chose and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Five types of ships in nine variations are provided: gunboats, corvettes, frigates, monitors and turret ships. The game has two modes in which you can play the game. The custom mode is well custom, everything is arranged the way you want it as much as you can that is, while the challenge mode it is different because you have only two ships available at the beginning and as the game evolves so you get new ships to develop your fleet. While you chose your ships like previously said, you must be careful when selecting and making your fleet. Take for example (and there will be a lot of these examples) you will only build the biggest and strongest ships, however they have weakness that a much smaller ship can take advantage of and you can earn quite the damage even if beating your enemy but at what cost. This goes both ways as you must protect the smaller ships with bigger ships from the ones that have advantage over the small ones. This might sound a bit confusing but there is tutorial where you have pretty much a lot of details explained to relieve you from any doubts. Basically you must have all the characteristic in your fleet that makes it good and strong and that is flexibility, strength and speed. One ship can’t do this all on its own… As for the graphics of the game, it is far from being perfect as there are still some oversights, but those parts that are improved include the damage consequences but also the entire ships appearance as some small but vital parts have been improved. All in all a pretty worthy game of playing, like I said far from perfect but with some very quality features except the small thing that could have brought additional tension to the game and that is the weather influence on the gameplay, that is the combat in general. Maybe next time, until then enjoy yourself.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 9.99
Size 243

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