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Sony, the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, is preparing to host another big PlayStation happening in the United States later this month as many fans are expecting the release of the PS4 at the event.

Sony Computer Entertainment, the game division of the company, posted a mysterious video (which you can view below) while mentioning the date February 20th 2013. The video features close-ups of four symbols (triangle, circle, cross, and square) that appear on every PlayStation controller.

It has been 2 years since the company held the last PlayStation conference and also more than 6 years since they launched the PS3.

The web post is titled as "meeting2013" and Sony has scheduled to hold a press conference in New York, USA on the day.

Executives of Sony, including Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House and Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai, refused to make any comments on the potential release dates of any next generation gaming console.

The SCE spokesman in Tokyo, Satoshi Fukuoka, stated that this would be an event where they will be discussing about the future of the PS business.

What is adding fuel to the rumors is the timing of the event. The first 3 PlayStation gaming consoles were released 6 years apart; PS in 1994, PS2 in 2000 and PS3 in 2006, which make it seem that the time is right for the release of a new version.

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