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The new way to experience music. No more follow the leader or being a passive listener, now participate in and with the music. JamParty is a first-of-its kind sandbox of sound where the player has total control of real music in a gaming environment. Earn experience points, achievements and unlock new content plus a tangible reward of saving your own creation as an MP3. Instant action, launch a guitar riff, drum beat, then bring in a vocal, hit it on beat to earn more points. Get lost in a freeform Live Jam or get serious in Studio Mode, JamParty is the entire band at your finger-tips using the mouse, keyboard, or a USB Rockband/GuitarHero controller. JamParty is a new path in the music genre for gamers and music fans alike. It is a journey of sight and sound like no other.

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    Have you ever wanted to create music learn how the DJ’s compose their hits and mix already famous songs in an even greater or in some cases less popular song? Here we have a game that you won't encounter that often on the market because of its specific genre and gameplay. This game isn’t actually a game then more of an application that you use for creation of music. The gameplay put in short goes like this: You get a couple of different loops of music provided by the game, which you use in combination of different instruments and create your own music. But like I said, this was the short description, as the gameplay is much more complicated. Most of the characteristic of the game indicate that this isn’t a game, but as JamParty has a scoring system it must be categorized as a game. There is however a problem with the scoring system, as the game doesn’t show you how much points you have won and for what kind of moves did you make in the game that score the most. The only way to see your score total is quitting the game and you will have it displayed on your screen. You need these points if you want to break the same loops over and over again, as with winning enough points you will unlock additional songs for you to use in your creation of music. The songs that you will encounter in the game aren’t that famous and if not unheard until now, as local artists are used from the region of the games manufacture location. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t enough genres to use for different type of songs to create. You will encounter from Orchestral to Rock to Techno and even a very Country sounding jam - plus a few Experimental jams of different types, but also soft-rock, R&B and others. If this still isn’t enough for some people, there is the option of downloading additional songs from the games web site, as some of them are free, and some will require payment. But how is the game played? Play consists of selecting a jam, either one of the original jams provided with the game or a song you've already made from one of those jams, selecting a venue and then selecting instruments and specific sound loops to build a song. Making the songs consists from which sound you turn on or off. When you start playing a certain sound, you then add additional sounds that are offered in the game in a form of a jam or a specific instrument. The game sounds are already synchronized with the playing time, so you won’t find yourself in a situation in which the sounds don’t match. The games difficulty isn’t something to talk about as there isn’t almost any. You can change the difficulty in the game depending on what you are using to play the game. The game supports besides the mouse and the keyboard the ability to use a USB guitar controller (Rock Band- or Guitar Hero- compatible). Now depending on the sense for rhythm do you have and the hearing for music you could find here some challenge whether you are a newbie to this genre or pro in the music waters. So the game can be played through the keyboard, mouse and Guitar Hero- and Rock Band- compatible instruments, but how do you really use them, that is how the game behaves when using them? The game uses colors, five to be exact, as a controller. There are Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Orange. Five categories mean five different sounds that you can use in that moment, depending on the sound that is set to a certain color. Strumming up and down will affect each color different as every color can hold one loop and one instrument sound. So if you are strumming up and while using the red color you activate the sound of the instrument that is set for that color. In the case of strumming down and also usage of the red color, a second sound will be activated that is set for that color, in this case the loop sound that is set. Using this technique you will create a sound by your selection by strumming up and down and activating different colors of sounds in different time or in the same time, depending on your taste for music. You can create the whole song in one piece or do it piece by piece, depending on your current inspiration. What’s probably the best thing about this game that got the most attention apparently is the graphic of the game. The details of the game are done pretty well, with lots of details dedicated when you for example change of the track you are using. Too bad that the game doesn’t allow the usage of more famous songs of popular artist for the possibility of hit making, but this game probably wasn0t intended to be a hit, but more a notices game that exists and could be tested. It is not the best in its class, but better from lot of games of this type out there on the market.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 14.99
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