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Jane is a fabulous entrepreneur and in this fantastic set of games, she puts her realty skills to the test. In Jane's Realty, help her use her business savvy to expand an entire city. In Jane's Realty 2, join her in bringing back prosperity to a small resort town after it is destroyed by an earthquake. In both titles, manage the major construction of each community by gathering materials to build new homes, industrial buildings and structures. Renovate cottages, plant beautiful gardens, and landscape the surroundings. Get the people to return by adding furniture and decorating inside the homes. The furniture you choose and the way you arrange it will help you get the top dollar you'll need to keep things going. With numerous bonuses, upgrades to obtain, and extra quests, building the beautiful towns will prove to be a highly rewarding experience.

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    There is an old saying, behind a successful man stands a successful woman. In Jane’s realty Jane was already very successful in keeping her own family hotel business blossoming, but now her husband is in need as he is planning on running for the Mayor of the city. He runs leasing company and doing both could be a conflict of interest and simply being too much responsibility for anyone to handle. So Jane steps in his shoes and takes over while he sets for his campaign. So what’s the big idea about this game? Well on the first look it’s not much, but this is the original part of the bundle pack, so let’s get acquainted better. To start playing the game you have to select one from two modes, however you still can select only business mode over Design mode, as it is unlocked later in the game. The first steps in the game are the most logical as you need to build a water and power plant, as those two are your 2/3 of main source for expending, building, generally everything. Once you've got those built, you'll need to purchase an available lot to build on. To start construction, click the "buildings" button in the tool bar. Choose a building you would like to build. Then choose the open lot where you would like to build it. When you want a building to be built if that building has an icon floating over the building you will probably need to fulfill additional requirements so you can build it. The first two conditions were already mentioned and they are water and power. If you lack on either of them, the plants can be upgraded so you can build those buildings. However, this brings us to the source number 3, money. You will be spending money for almost everything in the game; however there are some services that are free of charge. There is another restriction when it comes to building, and that is man power. You need workers so you can build a building and on the beginning you have only one unit of workers free so building multiple building, is not an option. What I mentioned about services that are free of charge, that is mostly implied to the bulldoze, as you can and must use it in different opportunities like when weather goes bad and you see consequences of that kind of weather in a form of trees lying on the streets and blocking them. Like said workers can only work on one building at a time, but buying a garage gives you access to more workers and easier management over building. Now the option that I liked the most about this game is being able to furnish it. The house needs to be furnished if there is a key icon over it. Clicking on it takes you inside the house. You can select from a variety of objects, including couches, beds, and wallpaper to spruce up the place. Placing objects over green spots increases their value, while red spots decrease the value. But you must keep an eye on your renting space as it needs nurturing. When the place losses its value, you need to refurnish it and then you will be able to rent it again to someone else. There is a benefit you can earn and upgrade later in the game and that is the possibility of a bank to collect your rents automatically. Until you have that you must do that all by yourself manually clicking and you don’t have all the time in the world. The game has its part of tasks as besides maintain the hearts of the customers in the apartments (satisfaction level) there is a large number of goals that need to be fulfilled, which doesn’t simplify the situation at all. The happiness value is also important in obtaining upgrades, which are often needed to advance, though this feature appears to be inconsistently applied. Generally speaking the games potential is enormous and the quality in most of the parts of the game is phenomenal, however there are lots of negative sides to the game, from graphics that needs enhancement to the games core because of some bugs in the game. The game changes in the Jane’s Realty 2 in far better ways, but still however keeps some of the details that formed the first part of the game and equally some of the downfalls to the game. Jane’s realty 2 has been completely changes compared to Jane’s realty when it comes to the story of the game. There no similar what so ever. Jane still shows up in different scenes, especially on the beginning of the game, but that is it, that is now her part. With some very nice numbers of levels that need to be completed come additional goals that also need to be fulfilled. Like everything in the world, here also everything is about the money, as money controls everything. For the most persistent players there is the honorable Expert status if they were fast enough is solving the levels. There are two main things that every player will notice between these two parts, and that is the graphics of the game and the gameplay itself as it is totally different. Most of the goals you’re presented with are very simple. More than growing more difficult as you progress through the game, they really just become a bit more complex. Basically things stayed the same like in the previous part of the game, but on a different level. Tenants are still the main source of your funding and making them feel better; rent more expensive places only works in your behalf. When it comes to building games, what I personally have spotted and probably many other players too, is that the line up of the houses or whatever that you are playing in almost any game is very critical in the beginning. If you would know the nature of the game at the beginning, the heads-up that you would have would be enormous. While spreading onto new field, you will have to clear the terrain from any kind of obstacles that could get in the way of building different architectures. The game is probably very long compared to other games, especially if you stick to the Expert score in the game. But like every other game on the market, this one is not without flaws. You could find yourself in a situation where you will bulldoze a brand new building or an old one, but also very expensive while trying to decorate things around the game. The game is improvement compared to its predecessor, but still additional improvements are welcome as still the full potential of the game hasn’t been show, only part of what the game can do are used. The real fans will want more from the next successor.

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Price 6.99
Size 95

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