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On a quest for a magnificent jewel called the Sleepless Star, Percy Pack discovers that it's stolen from a Native American village by a deceitful collector. Now, he and a beautiful Algonquin named Yellow Feather must travel to exotic locations on two continents, in an effort to recover the precious gem. What they don't expect however, are the perilous dangers that they must face at every turn. Follow the trials and tribulations of these intrepid adventurers in a quest to recover the stolen jewel. Solve over 150 puzzle boards, including never-before-seen obstacle puzzles, as you progress through a beautifully illustrated and fully voice-acted storyline. Collect 14 Native American power-up relics, unlock dozens of side-quests filled with your all-time favorite playing mechanics, and experience the deepest adventure-romance story of any Jewel Quest game to date.

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    Jewel Quest as back again and clearly there is no way of it slowing down in any way. Every release of the Jewel Quest was always a unique sequel to the previous one and every one of them was a clear winner. Jewel Quest – The Sleepless Star follows that road of successfulness giving us another match 3 game without any genres involving, as this is pure match 3 fun. The premise of the games changes in this sequel as the story of Rupert and his rival Sebastian Grenard, doesn’t affect this game, because the time of the story is put back in the past, all the way to the far 1901, where our Rupert’s ancestor was doing his job. Percy Pack is now next in line and all the things that Rupert did, or will do when his time comes, are up to him. A scientist, Percy travels to Algonquin country in search of a strange and powerful jewel called the Sleepless Star, only to find that it's been stolen. Percy, just like Rupert can’t leave things alone and sets off to search the missing jewel, but on his way a young Algonquin woman named Yellow Feather joins to help him to search for it. However, there is more to it than just searching for the jewel as there is love in the air as the story evolves… The game’s standard edition has 6 chapters in the game, but the premium edition has the seventh chapter within itself. Also the game has about 200 jewel boards to play and every chapter has 3 additional jewel boards added, and the seventh chapters is consisted from 40 additional boards, resulting about 250 boards for you to play. As for the gameplay itself nothing has changes in the core structure of the game, as you still are doing match 3 on different boards, and the goal is as always to turn all the tiles on the field into gold, but of course as always watch out for the time limit! Due to the fact that every sequel of the Jewel Quest had a tradition of keeping every new release fresh and stocked with new game board types. The Sleepless Star holds to that tradition and here are some of the boards that are introduced in the gameplay: The Climbing Board – Challenges you to turn an lower portion of the board gold before revealing the upper portions; Secret Entrance Board – Parts of the board are hidden. To unhide these parts, you need to make matches in the surrounding areas; Light Fire/Disarm Trap – Boards that require you move specific pieces of the board into a specific location by matching 3; Evasion Boards – Bad jewels appear on the Evasion board that can’t easily be removed by matching 3. You need to match 3 around the bad jewels to turn them good again. Once turned, they become normal jewels, but you have to do that before they reach the top of the board. As you will progress through the game, unlike its predecessor, the game is purely straightforward and you can’t ‘wonder’ around the game as you please. For the ones that strive to perfection getting the max grade on each level is obligatory but hardly manageable from the first try, which will extend your gameplay if you start replaying the levels. How much longer, that depends on how good your skills with match 3 are. There are two different helps for you in the game, the Gold Coins and the Artifacts. The artifacts are something new to the game and there are 16 different artifacts that will help you through the entire flow of the game. Every power-up (artifact) in the game that you equip is continued in usage on the next level. But the ones that you will be wishing the most are the time expanders. Also there are a couple of things that many of the players where significantly joyed to see and that is the usage of the match 3 boards themselves to solve different situations in which you are in. Every boards has a different attribute added to it and depending what you need, you will pick between the boards, like the Fire Board to start the fire or the climbing board to get a bit higher from the ground. Another thing that won me over is that when you play the game, the game shows you images of the game progress and illustrates what you are doing while you are solving the boards, giving the whole story a life and adding the interest for the game. If you face a couple of problems as you start the game, with the gameplay, the Premium edition has a complete strategy guide for you to use to make the game a bit easier, especially for the beginners. There are a couple of tiny flaws and bugs like in every game, but nothing that affect the game too much, making the entire game always a pleasure to see and of course to play.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 19.95
Size 169

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