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Sail the high seas with pirate pooches in Jolly Rover, a swashbuckling point-and-click adventure. Gaius Rover wishes to continue his family legacy by having his own circus. After a few setbacks, he finally pools a meager savings together, but in a time when cutthroats and scallywags rule the seas, keeping this dream alive is going to prove more difficult than he ever imagined. Join Gaius on his light-hearted romp to fulfill his dream. Voyage through the Caribbean, confronting unusual circumstances including pirates, villains, voodoo, love, and a considerable lack of loot. Explore wondrous locations, meet colorful characters, and cross untamed tropical islands. Can the young Rover follow in his family's footsteps? Find out when you play Jolly Rover free with the demo version, or download the full-unlimited version today!

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    There is a lot of pirate themed game today, but a funny game combines with treasure hunting and puzzle solving, these are rare. Because of the games variety of content from young to old, and novice to pro, all of them can find something for themselves in this game. The game start on the ship of Captain James (the character you\'re playing) when pirates board his ship, steal his cargo, actually the Rum he was transporting to the Governor Guy Desilver, and the stolen cargo was sold to him by those pirates. The governor now wants his money back, because you failed to complete your contract. To repay the debt you owe to him, you set on a journey to collect the means you need. This was all supposed to be an easy journey, but it starts to get complicated. You are not some hardcore pirate with fearless attitude, you are more a pirate who trusts everyone and thinks this will help him earn enough money to realize his true dream. The game play is made in 2D, and in third-person, and most of the time you\'ll be spending searching for clues and items, and talking to people, and solving puzzles. There is couple of puzzles that require entering a specific order of symbols, which you must memorize, but sometimes they are to long so writing them down is not a bad idea. If you find yourself in situation you have too much walking and James is too slow, there is an option that accelerates his walking tempo. To make the game easier for the players a lot of helping tools are introduced in the game. For example, if you get stuck with items that need to be found and places to search a simple push of the SPACE button highlights all the hot-spots. There is also a parrot in your inventory that can help you if you need him. But Juan doesn\'t work for free... Sure, he will help you anytime, but giving him a cracker makes the puzzles he says less cryptic. Like I said before, you\'ll find a couple of puzzles and most of them are voodoo puzzles, but besides them there is also couple of mazes which need to be finished. Through the game you are going to also find pieces of money, in a form of eight. You can\'t spend it, but collecting it gives you achievements and bonuses. Collecting every achievement, quest, and item gives you some experience, which boosts your rank in the game. All in all to the jokes and the humor you\'ll encounter through the game, you\'ll find that the art work of the game is very nice. It\'s a shame that it\'s done in 2D, and the animation of the characters could be done better. Anyway a very nice story, sure to love it and enjoy it with multiple type of content in the game.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 154

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