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In an alternate reality where man has harnessed the power of space travel since the 19th century, space pirates lurk around every corner. To combat this lawlessness, the space police is on high alert, none more enthused about his duties than Kaptain Brawe himself. When a distress call comes his way, he quickly acts, not knowing that he is about to uncover one of the greatest conspiracies ever. Step into the world of interstellar travel and join Kaptain Brawe and his crew in an unforgettable quest. Explore four planets searching for two kidnapped scientists in an intriguing, yet hilarious storyline filled with action, puzzles and buffoonery. Can you master this all-new adventure and save the day?

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    There is always talking about something that could have happened and could have change everything that we know today, but as we know it didn’t or it did, who would even know expect maybe ‘someone’…but this is a theme for something totally different then this review. In the 19th century there was a major breakthrough in the field of science which caused something not just unimaginable for the 99,9% of the Earth’s population, but something that wasn’t used in a way that people with nowadays look on the world have used it. A very enormous source of energy has been discovered which caused and given the ability for humans to be able to space travel. Combination of the 19th century transportations and the sudden development of technology have produced a combination which is kind of funny because I have watched a similar animated movie with very similar theme as this one, but unfortunately I can’t remember the title. During that age the piracy and corruption all over the world has already been ruling the land and only a few of them has remained uncorrupted and they were known to the world as the space police who did everything to catch down those pirates and maintain regular space transportation. Like any story it has to have its good guys and bad guys. The bad guys in this case would be the Kribbs while the good guys, the police, will be you starting as Kaptian Brawe himself. It was just another everyday situation for the Kaptian, as he was going on a crash site on a deserted resort island. He was the first that responded to the SOS of the survivors, but unfortunately he wasn’t the only one as the Kribbs picked up the transmissions as well and started their own search but not rescue… So Brawe starts helping the survivors and tries to stop the Kribbs through his puzzle skills which extend over three different planets. Everything about the game spins around a group of scientist which seems to be the source of everything what happens, because as it seems their capturing and get your hands on their invention means further survival of the Space Union and will strengthen the battle against the Kribbs in your favor. The game delivers plenty of quips and clever dialogue, often poking fun at speech differences and pronunciations, and Brawe himself is a hopelessly inept speller, a fact that even (purposely) carries over to his subtitles. But you are not the only character in the game with whom you will be playing or using for the causes that you need to fulfill. For example, through the game you will be followed by a robot named Rowboat. Rowboat not only stores your inventory in his chest, you can use him as an item to interact with the environment as well. Now for me the game shines when all of the three main characters with whom you will be playing start to take part of the game (Kaptian Brawe, Agent Zero and Danny). Brawe represents the hero of the game, the unquestionable character and the one who doesn’t know the meaning of the words fear and danger. Agent Zero is a part of the Space Union Internal Affairs, while Danny is an ex-member of the Kribbs. The game features two difficulty modes, casual and extreme or hardcore (whatever you want). The main differences between these two modes start of course in the difficulty of locating some items and figuring out their usage, as in casual mode hovering over a specific object gives you straightaway what type of interface you will be using, while in the extreme, you must choose the right one. Besides this a logical step is the diminishment of the number of hints, and while in casual mode you have the option to find clues which can help you through the game to advance faster in extreme this option is nowhere to be found. The inventory system of the game is quite simple and easy to use either clicking on the item you need or click & drag the item where you need it. The plot of the game lies in the combination of the different items but also the combinations that you can achieve with different characters due to their unique skills that each of them poses. During some missions you will have to use all the characters skills to be able to continue further. The graphics of the game is 2D, but with the level of details where designers were extra careful that every single one of those details counts and gives the games graphics additional wow. The sound of the game is only set through music. There is no voice acting in the game which is kind of shame however the music that is played in the background does its homework pretty well merging together with the graphics of the game well. Through all of the games pros and cons, especially the humorous part of the game with the constant jokes, you will have a very lengthy experience when it comes to playing this game with probably one of the highest ranks you could give the game yourself. Sure there are a couple of oversights, but there isn’t a game on the market which hasn’t got one. This is a game which has the oversights put down to minimum, so the pleasure of playing this game is guaranteed.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 9.99
Size 91

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