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Well, at the end of the first episode, things didn't quite turn out exactly as Kaptain Brawe envisioned. Not only did he fall short of completing his mission, but things also ended up a lot worse. He isn't about to give up on his mission however, and with a handler now watching his every move, he is bound to get things right this time right? Follow Kaptain Brawe once again on his intrepid adventure to stop a conspiracy filled with kidnapping, pirates, and unforgettable laughs. Play with two additional characters as you continue to explore new worlds, solve new puzzles, and perform even more outrageous stunts. The universe continues to be in his hands, but will it survive another day? Find out!

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    When it comes on relying on a hero, then you better be sure to know which of those many fine men out there can be called heroes because even with their good intentions things don’t always evolve the way they had in mind. Something very similar to this happened to our Captain in the first release of the game when he was doing all that he could in his power to restore peace and see to it everything ends just right. However the results of doing this and this helping was a blown up planet, and some hideously ridicules mugging of old people… Everyone has started seeing him as a threat not just for everybody else but for himself too, so a watcher has been assigned to him that will monitor all of his attempts of law enforcement. The sequel is similar to the previous part of the game, but a lot of things are now changed and the things that every fan will notice a bit after the game beginning is the introduction of usage of other characters in a more often time period. Now the point of this game is to get all of those missions handled, but there is no help for you unless you listen carefully, but not me. Depending on the type of game mode you decide for on the beginning, so you will receive different ways of help through the game. The game will offer you the casual game mode and the advanced one. The casual one is for those who love the story, but aren’t that good with this type of games or they haven’t played the first part of the game. Another thing that makes these two modes different is that in the casual mode you have been given more of the mouse pointer hints to help you go through the game easier, while the hard mode doesn’t have that and the only way to get though some points in the game is if you carefully listen to the dialogues between the characters. All of this can become and probably will become quite confusing for some players as they won’t be able to figure out how the game works, making them stuck on one place for a longer period of time. After you have realized a way and a future formula for solving this type of problems the game should start becoming more and more easier to handle if you stick to that formula, if not these problems will appear very often. Another thing that makes the game more playable are the different puzzles that will satisfy any gamers hunger for a good game. You will be doing a lot of communicating with the game’s characters and getting acquainted with the game itself to what needs to be done and how it is supposed to be done. Like I said the puzzles are different and solving them will definitely require some had banging or a dose of pure luck if you want to get them over with. The puzzles are mostly created using the knowledge from different branches of mechanical industry and its technology so solving them won’t definitely come easy unless you studied this area like I did in college. If this isn’t enough information for you about this game, I’m deeply sorry as any further exposure of information would be telling the game flow itself leaving you with nothing to be surprised with. The only things left to say is that the game is mostly played using your mouse and the characters are controlled by the mouse clicks. The right mouse click represents the inventory of the game, and you will be accessing it from time to time to assemble the different parts into one whole, depending when you will need them. The games graphics remains fortunately unchanged, as the original part was given such a level of graphics that could take your breath at certain moments, due to its beautifully hand-drawn scenes. Of course the humor that is presented in the game isn’t one of the best materials you probably heard, however it does its duty enough well to keep you smiling at times. Enjoy the game, as all it can offer you a lot of fun, with more annoying because of the puzzles and a final feeling of pleasure when you get through all of it.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 9.99
Size 121

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