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Build a buzzing organic nursery in Kelly Green Garden Queen, a spunky and unique time management game that blossoms with every season! Kelly just inherited a nursery and moved from the city to the countryside in hopes of more peaceful living. That is until her phone starts ringing off the hook with customers placing their orders. Now, Kelly's hope for relaxation is out the window! Join in the fun with Kelly and arrange floral bouquets with creative flair, bribe a demanding executive with lemonade, or wow the local farmer with an array of 20 different plants. Customize your nursery as you wish with 50 garden tools. Can you withstand new challenges as your nursery changes with each season? Play Kelly Green Garden Queen free with the demo version or download the full version today and make beautiful blooming flowers your gratifying reward!

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    Another great gardening game from Iwin, this is all set to win the hearts of those who enjoy gardening. You would have a lot of fun planting, watering and taking care of you're the plants and herbs that you choose to grow in your nursery. The game is a recent addition to the time management games genre and is a refreshing change as it allows players a lot of options over the 50 odd levels of game-play. The game covers the four seasons and each level depicts a day when you transact with customers and make money. Kelly, her brother Neil and two more characters take care of the nursery and do all that they can to restore the nursery back to its former glory. The main objective here is to sell flowers and make money out of customer orders. Some customers order plain flowers while some may want those to be arranged in a bouquet. Learning about the different plants and how they grow, the production cycles, buying upgrades and taking care of the little greens and sweeing them grow are all exciting and fun, particularly with nice visuals and a flawless presentation.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 63

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