League of Legends 2017 Season Update

League of Legends 2017 Season Update description

Firstly,lets talk about Ranked.Solo/Duo Queue is back !


  • SOLO/DUO QUEUE: Queue up alone or with friend.Biggest diffrence from 2015 is that you'll be able to select two preferred positions and exclude your least favorite. Note that Challenger tier will remain solo-only.
  • FLEX QUEUE: Queue up with up to five friends.If your premade squad wants a serious game this is where you should play. Even if you're a solo player.If you want to get good in an environment that rewards more team-oriented skills, the Flex Queue is also there for you.


  • SAVE YOUR REPLAYS: The launch version of Replays finally comes ! "Download Replays from your match history or end-of-game screen during the patch you played on, then use the built-in recording tool to save your highlights as video files that can be shared anywhere".
  • SPEEDY SCRUBBIN': Want to just catch the pentakill ? You dont need to search it manually,The Annotated Timeline will help you find all kills, dragons, barons, towers, and inhibitors, so it's easier to find your favorite moments.


  • PRACTICE YOUR WAY: Instantly reset cooldowns, cheat gold for items to try out different builds.You dont need to wait 5 minutes to try fake flash anymore !



  • A MAGICAL UPGRADE: Updating the client was mostly about preparing for the future, also there are few exclusive new features.Drag and drop rune pages to reorder them, or see in-game ability scaling information and change your in-game settings—all from the client. All future features (Replays and Practice Tool) will be exclusive to the updated client.



  • HOW TO UPGRADE CLIENT : To upgrade your client, just opt-in using the pop-up in your launcher that'll appear at some point during pre-season. You'll be able to launch bot legacy and the upgraded client at any point throughout the open beta, and when the beta ends everyone will automatically upgrade to the League client update experience.





"When we looked at the pool of assassins, one common problem stood out: a lack of meaningful interactivity. It isn’t the damage that is the problem, but the feeling of not having any chance to outplay or even react to them. As a result, fed assassins feel pointless to play against, while trailing assassins feel pointless to play as or with. Ultimately, we want to empower assassin players to be make aggressive, flashy plays (insert Faker vs Ryu joke here), and know they’ve earned it.

We also want to make assassins more fair, which isn’t the same as reducing assassin damage. In some cases, that means giving you more ability to fire back. In other cases, you need to be able to see an assassin coming and try to escape them. We want the Ashe who just got styled on to think “welp, I got outplayed”, not “that was bullshit” ".

Note: Below text is taken from LOL's Website exactly the same (The champion changes).

  • LeBlanc - The Deceiver:

    LeBlanc is supposed to be a deceptive illusionist, but in game that’s mostly expressed through clever use of Distortion. Her clone has the potential to create a lot of cool gameplay, giving her the ability to play mind games and run bait and switches, so we’re leaning into that aspect of her kit. LeBlanc should leave her opponents guessing what she’s doing, rewarding players who successfully see through her tricks, while punishing those who misread the situation.

    Deception and mind games won’t mean much to LeBlanc if she’s killing her opponents before they have the ability to do anything. We also want to ensure that when LeBlanc does commit to a kill by dashing in, she has to stay in threat range for slightly longer, so that players who read her moves correctly feel like they can respond".

  • Talon - The Nimble Roamer:

    "Talon looks like the type of dude who would hang out on top of a building all day waiting to jump down and kill you. Just you. Nobody else. What a jerk. But his actual gameplay has more to do with how quickly he can run at somebody to dash onto them.

    Rather than run straight at you, we want Talon to use the terrain to his advantage as he tracks down his target across the map before mercilessly putting them down. We want the bulk of his damage to focus on that target, so that when he does damage to multiple targets, there’s more intent behind it.

  • Rengar - The Hunter:

    Rengar is the fiercest hunter on Summoner’s Rift, seeking out stronger and more dangerous prey to hone his skills. In game however, Rengar often finds it safer to repeatedly kill his weakest enemies. We like the snowballing hunt mechanic that the Bonetooth Necklace provides, but we want it to incentivize Rengar to seek out increasingly dangerous foes, not that poor Nami again and again (even if cats do love fish).

    On top of that, we want Rengar’s empowered abilities to stand out, rather than be part of a chain of abilities. We’re amplifying the impact of, well-timed empowered abilities, so that Rengar players can feel like they’re making split-second decisions about their abilities and being rewarded for making the right calls.

    Thrill of the Hunt also presented us with some direct areas for improvement. A hunt requires both a prey and a predator, but right now its gameplay are pretty one sided. Giving Rengar’s prey more directed information allows them to experience The Hunt as a game they participate in, not a thing that happens to them (or doesn’t).

  • Katarina - The Pentakiller:

    Katarina has a hard job: wait for the right targets to be in the right positions, track all of the opposing crowd controls, gauge her burst against the remaining champions’ health, and only when she sees the perfect moment, strike. Once she does, she needs to hit her basic abilities several times in a fraction of a second, leaving her a lot of room for error. If she succeeds, she can chain kill after kill and clean up a teamfight. If she fails, a single stray CC or mispressed key can turn all that planning into just a fantasy.

    We want to empower Katarina to make those plays even when the stars aren’t perfectly aligned. We’re giving her more mobility to dance in and out of the fight until she can start the reset train going, and making her spellcasts more meaningful and deliberate.

    But we also want her opponents to be able to tell what’s happening. We’re slowing down her abilities, and giving opponents a better indication of where Katarina is and where she’s going so that they can better respond to her threat.



Fizz has a pretty unique role: he’s one of the few assassins who can initiate on his own, and we wanted to accentuate that. We’re also giving him more room to play around his slippery mobility, so that - above all assassins - Fizz is the hardest to pin down and peel.



Evolution is a cool concept, but it seems like there are just optimal choices. We want each of Kha’Zix’s evolutions to feel unique and worthy, so that Kha’Zix players feel empowered to adapt their character to the current game state and their own playstyle. Between his jump and his stealth, Kha’Zix has a lot of ways to stick to a target. Kha’Zix should be popping in and out of the fight and chunking you each time, then finishing you off.



We don’t feel like Ekko is too far off; he’s one of the more popular champions in the game, and has supported a number of different builds. That being said, we would like to see him better aligned with being a squishy damage dealer, not a tanky disruptor. We’re hoping to solidify his identity as a mobile, delayed damage dealer.



Shaco could use a lot of love, enough that we can’t solve all of his problems as part of a class update. However, that’s no reason to ignore The Demon Jester. Shaco has always been known for his niche combat tricks, but we want to make those feel more relevant in teamfights and skirmishes. With that being said, his early game ganks need to be toned down. Shaco players should feel good about tricking their opponents, rather than merely appearing out of nowhere at level 3 and ruining their lane.



Much like Shaco, Akali has several issues that scope too high for a class update. We’re updating stealth, and we hope the impact of those changes alone will be a huge boon to Akali players. On top of that, we’re exploring giving her more tools than just damage and invisibility, so that she feels better about choices that aren’t “fight” or “hide for a bit”.



Zed is a pretty badass champion already, but that doesn’t mean he has no room for improvement. In Zed’s case, we’re concerned that he’s a bit too consistent. We want him to feel like he has good matchups and bad matchups, so we’re tweaking his laning phase, and giving him added benefits for killing the right target with Death Mark.



Having invisibility countered by a 75 gold pink ward feels bad, simply put.Because it is so easy to counter invisibility, pink wards will no longer reveal invisible champions. This allows for a more consistent environment in which to balance stealth champions.



Camouflage is new name for the tactical stealth. Camouflaged champions will still be revealed by pink wards, allowing you to track them on the map.

As for jungle you can read more about it here: Jungle Changes

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