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King for a day! Fritz is in charge of the castle when his parents go on vacation. It's every kid's dream until the dastardly King Black challenges the young stand-in king to a duel! Explore the kingdom and discover 7 arcade-style games that explain everything from chess basics to master strategies. Exercise your brain and put what you've learned to the test in the Intelligym, a training ground for future chess pros. You'll soon realize that this chess game is anything but child's play! Powered by the World's #1 Highest Rated Chess Software. Suitable for players of all levels.

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    This is an amazing educative children software which contains instructions, challenges and games of chess in a fun and animated setting. This is meant for beginners and starts off at a level which is easy for children to grasp and pick up. An engrossing storyline makes the game-play more enjoyable. It is set against the backdrop of a small country ruled by a wise king, King White. The king and queen decide to go on a vacation and in the meanwhile choose their son, Fritz and his cousin Bianca to officiate in their position. The game begins from a point when the stand-in king is challenged to a chess duel by wicked rival king, King Black. King Black has an unbeaten record in the game of chess and the Fritz and Bianca are all set to train themselves in the art of chess playing to beat the King. They make their way to the Intelligym where a “brain training” session awaits them. Along the way they play a series of mini games where the children are introduced to basic chess concepts and moves. Like a clever mini games requires moving horses through a course where the horses can only move two spaces forward and one to the side (as can a knight), and children must help the horse cover the whole course in the minimum moves possible. At the Intelligym, the children are made familiar with individual chess pieces and the terminologies like “stalemate”, “opposition” etc. There are plenty of hints and tips throughout the game to help the children learn the art of playing chess right. Finally when the game feels that the players are ready to take on the chess challenge, begins the duel with King Black. A well presented animated adventure with lots of exercise in logical thinking skills make this title stand out among the rest free kids games of this genre.

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