Let's Look Back to 2015 (Part 1)

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The year 2015 was a blast if only gaming world is considered. A lot happened throughout this year and overall, this was an amazing year in every single sense. When i am writing this article, i am feeling a bit emotional and the strange part is that i don't know the reason behind being emotional. I guess this is a feeling that everyone faces when they think or write about a year end.

Anyway, in this article, we are going to review the first half of this blasting year (Till June, 2015). Let's start.





Do you guys remember what happened on the Christmas of 2014? Yes, the gaming world faced a DDOS attack and we were shocked. Sony network was down for a long time and both Sony and Microsoft apologized for this issue. This was a tough time and it continued till January 2015. The good thing is, this hacking attack made Sony and Microsoft to sit on the same table and discuss what they can do to keep the gaming community safe. 

Apart from that big incident, GTA V offered a real interesting week long Christmas deal to celebrate Christmas and to let people forget about that DDOS attack. It was a fun month for the consoles but if PC gamers are considered then this was not that fun. GTA V was about to release for the PC on January which was rescheduled to March. 

January is the month when windows 10 was offered free. Games like Dying light & Resident Evil released in January, 2015.


February was all about the Swatting news. A kid was arrested and faced a five year prison for the crime that he did. This was only the start. Nintendo did a streaming partnership with Youtube in February which was another big news. The biggest news for the gamers was probably The Order 1886 as this game was released in February. The Legend of Zelda was also released in this month.


This was a big month for Konami as Kojima resigned from the corporation. This was a big news and if you guys remember, we covered the full news in Sheeparcade for you. Hideo Kojima was very important for Konami Corporation as he was the inventor for Metal Gear Solid series. 

If you are a GTA lover then you loved March as GTA Heists was first introduced in March. Nintendo NX was also introduced in March. Nintendo also cleared it out that they are planning on doing something for the mobile gamers too. 

Big games such as Final Fantasy, Battlefield Hardline & Bloodborne was released on this month. 


This is the first time that PC gamers experienced the fun of GTA V. Why are we talking so much about GTA V? The reason is that this was the biggest game of this year and yeah, we are a bit biased towards the biggest sale of this year (lol). 

Final Fantasy and League of Legends also came into the market at this month. 

Big games such as GTA V for PC, Broken Age & Mortal Kombat X was released this month. 


May started with a controversy of Witcher price. The Witcher 3 started with a massive discount of $20 and it immediately started an argument. The developers of this game cleared it that this was an unknown seller and none of the profits are going to the main developers. This was a big incident and yes, it was fun. 

The pricing incident was tough but it didn't affect the sale of this game as Witcher was also hugely popular in 2015. 

Games like Project Cars, Witcher 3 & Wolfenstein was released this month. 


The Final Fantasy VII was released in June and this was the first blast of June. Also, this was the month when Bethesda first declared that Fallout 4 is coming. This was a big news for the Fallout series lovers and they immediately got excited. 

Also, this was the month when Batman Arkham Kinght was removed from Steam as the game had bugs and issues. 

Big games such as Batman Arkham Knight, Hatred & Heroes of the Storm released this month. 


This was our review of the first 6 months of 2015. Do you guys like this article? We will then come up with the rest of the months' reviews. 

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