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Light of Altair is a sci-fi colony building game with a deep plot. Grow colonies from landing pod to metropolis, while sending off new spaceships to expand your territory to other worlds. You are not alone in space, 8 factions from different parts of the world are all following their own agendas in the solar system; diplomacy and orbital-combat are essential to learn.

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    Space, it represents everything unknown to the human race, and it will for many many years. This will remain fact until the technology that we have evolves to a level when we can go beyond the solar system with some confidence of returning. Until then there are only few facts on which we can make different presumptions and few facts about the planets, solar systems out there and of course stars which are shining more and more every day even though they don’t exists anymore. However there are some planets out there probably like Earth or even with better conditions to sustain the human life and it’s time for humans to expand their existence over the space as we know it. Light of Altair does just that as you need to colonize different planets across the universe, start your own production of different minerals for better living, raising the population and finally build an army (in this case fleet) who will protect all of that, that you have built. The game is set in 16 different maps across the gameplay (universe) which starts with the solar system and moves further into the deep space. There are many online games across the Internet that use similar core system for their games, but usually they are time and number based, so there isn’t much visual happening, unless we are talking about games like EVE, but that’s a complete different story and a whole other level of games. In Light of Altair, the foundations of the game have been set in the economics of the game, to be more precise the resources that are being produced. The beginning of the game is very casual scenario, as you begin with a very small colony and advance yourself forward, but the point is that you are not alone in the universe. There are other colonies from other universe fractions that are after the same thing as you, intact planets, waiting for someone to inhabit them. With the first three levels of the game, no matter what difficulty you select you won’t have some greater problems to deal with, especially in the Normal difficulty as they are intended for education and introduction of the game. When you come to your first colony, the first and the most important task is to enhance your population, and to do that you need to start the food production. You need farms that will start that production, but on the beginning one farm will do. However for a farm to be operational it needs power, so you must build a power plant. Now depending on the position (distance) of the planet from the sun you will use different energy sources. The nearer the planet is to a Sun the more you can rely on a Solar plant which can produce enough energy for supplying everything. However for a planet that is too far from the Sun, like Pluto or Uranus in our Solar System, nuclear energy is the main source for this type of planets. This is enough for the beginning levels of the game, however there are conditions that the inhabitants are asking constantly to be satisfied, and you must pay attention to their happiness, population growth and the income you have from them. Population growth and happiness is managed building additional farms for food production and building that become available for you to build, after which you take taxes from them as creating new life isn’t cheap, and maintaining it too. As for the building that you have and want to build on a colony, there is no special order or place which is predetermined by the game to be for a special building or a farm. This also means that there is no connection between the buildings expect as an end result. When you start digging for resources (minerals) you will need to build one factory for ten mines that you have as that is the ratio for processing those materials which you will mostly use for fuel, a little later in the game. Because there is a limited amount of room, you will usually devote each colony to one specialization: mining, food, industry, research. Borders expand as cities level up and grow, allowing for some mixing among your largest colonies, but normally each city will fulfill one important role. When you have started to raise your colonies and everything is starting to flourish you will start having unwanted guests that will try to take away everything that you have built away from you. That is the part of the game where you must show your military and strategy skills to maintain what you have and concur even more. Depending on your economy, you will be restricted to how much fleet can you possess. To be more accurate, the more fuel you can produce, the more ships you can have in your fleet. Now this is the part where the difficulty of the game matters the most, as if you have selected the Normal difficulty that there shouldn’t be any problems finishing up the game, as you will have more resources, bigger fleet and less enemies. However, if you play the game on the hard mode, the first problems will start to show up with colonization of the worlds, as the enemies are doing it much faster than you in the beginning, which means you must rely more on strategy and your own skills. But that’s just the beginning as the AI of the game on the Hard difficulty goes berserk and leaves very small space for errors. To be able to win a battle, you need to be clever and develop strategies that will test your opponent’s fleet, learn their weakness and strike with the fleet that has everything it needs, except numbers, to eliminate your opponents fleet. To be totally fair there is some defensive fleet options at hand but they involve using fighters which are easily destroyed by a capital ship, because you can’t separate your fleet into defense and offense mode in the same time. Later on there is an option that allows you to deploy defenses in a form of a space station that is equipped with a large number of different weapons and defensive techniques. As for the game’s graphics and sound, it can’t compete with nowadays graphics of specially developed companies for this type of games, however there are some aspects of the game which keep it very real, like the real time planetary movements which changes with the time of the game. The planetary overview is done by rotation of the screen so you can preview all the planets you have in your possession. The sound of the game is has fulfilled the battle sounds and different game sounds however the background audio isn’t what most of the players will expect. A couple of songs have been inserted to follow you through the game and that is just about it. But this last thing won’t reflect to a very interesting and playable game. It has most of the features that a good game needs and even a bit more, so there is certainly a bit of something for anyone who decides to travel through this adventure.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 14.99
Size 103

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