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Open the vaults of National Geographic in Lilly Wu and the Terra Cotta Mystery, and solve a 2,000 year-old puzzle! Emperor Qin was China's first Emperor, credited with unifying the country and building The Great Wall. His death was mysterious and now, two thousand years later, the best forensic archaeologist around is about to get to the bottom of it. Visit China as Lilly Wu and discover the truth behind this untimely death. Was it murder? Seek out evidence in the present to re-create the past. Form a mental picture through time and figure out what could have happened. Look closely for clues, pick up valuable evidence and answer questions shrouded by years of decay. Can your inner explorer solve this ancient mystery? Play Lilly Wu and the Terra Cotta Mystery free with the demo version or download the full version today!

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    So here we are with another edition of National Geographic series. In this edition we will learn about some facts about the beginnings of China, its Great Wall, and its greatest army ever. Players take on the role of Lilly Wu, a forensic archaeologist with a special ability of reconstructing past events in ancient history through detailed investigation and finding different clues. With every clue that she finds she is a step closer to the truth, and her recreation of the past with the creation of the mental picture in her head is very useful. Soon she finds out about a possible murder on the first Chinese Emperor and uncovers s the existence of an order that exits more than a millennium, which starts to threaten her too. While you search for the hidden object you use your PDA, which has a hot/cold meter in himself to find objects, but when it gets too HOT, you start hearing all kind of beeping and whooshing, which will soon become an annoyance. Meanwhile through the game, from time to time is mini game is thrown in like a chess challenge or a scale puzzle. The game is pretty well done as for the game play, like if you look for some ancient artifacts you approximately know where to look, but the artifacts displayed in the pictures sometimes are not even similar to those which you\'re looking for, so it can get a bit vague. But don\' let that worry you too much, because they fixed that with a fast recharging hint. The hint system is pretty useful most of the time, but it has some of its glitches. All in all, pretty useful game if you want to learn something about China and the famed terra cotta army. Through the game you\'ll have a couple of useful information\'s about that period of time, but if you want something more detailed you\'ll have to visit the extras menu. A great graphics, with marvelous music, so hope that you\'ll enjoy the game.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 191

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