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Say good bye to your little shop, and get ready for an exciting future, in Little Shop - Memories, the latest chapter in the hugely popular Little Shop series of hidden object games. When the opportunity to open a Little Shop in paradise comes knocking on your door, you just can't resist! But there are so many memories in your Little Shop it's going to be hard to leave. Search through your memories and discover photos, trinkets, and other keepsakes from your journey to become a successful Little Shop entrepreneur. Explore 12 vivid environments covering five decades from your past. Remember that first lemonade stand in the 60's where you first got the buzz for business? Featuring two great game modes, exciting Bonus Rounds, and a nearly endless variety of cleverly hidden objects, Little Shop - Memories is a dazzling trip down memory lane.

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    The latest from GameHouse, in the Little Shop series, Memories is an excitingly different hidden object game. It s time to move to a different store in this chapter of the hidden object game series. But there are so many treasured memories in your little shop that you cannot just leave behind. You get a chance to open up a little shop in paradise and it is too good an offer to resist. So start picking up pieces of your memories and other valuable keepsakes in this addicting game as you explore 12 stunning new environments covering five decades from your past. Each keepsake has a story associated with it which you would love to know about or if you are not interested, you can just skip the story and carry on with the gameplay. The game comes with two modes- regular and blitz and thrilling bonus rounds each replete with a diverse array of cleverly hidden objects. After every 4 scenes there is a mini game which is generally a tweak of the basic hidden object game. The mini game tasks range from pairing similar objects to locating the missing piece in a puzzle and offer a refreshing change. In the regular mode you play each scene and try to find objects from a list as new items to be found keep getting added to your agenda as you uncover some. In the Blitz mode, you get the complete list of items to look for in a scene at one go and try to find them all as quickly as you can. This is a thoroughly enjoyable free game to download for computer. The regular mode starts off with 15 attic locations and you ravage through each location to unlock 4 hidden object scenes, each representing a memory. Have fun revisiting your first lemonade stand, your college dorm room or collecting an old report card or ticket stub. Each scene has 15 items to locate and completing a scene adds a keepsake. All the scenes have a bonus Polaroid snapshot that goes into the back of your scrapbook and can be examined later. The hint system is similar to the rest of the games in the series. The first clue is about how the object looks and does not say much about its location. There are powerups in the game to collect-like a thermometer which is a hot/cold find indicator. A new power up has been added to this version which is the camera and it shows the location of the items at the top of the find list, but it only lasts a second. The game has 12 memory sequences which you will revisit 5 times to locate a variety of items. A compelling storyline amuses you as you progress through the game and each scene is beautifully designed with intricate details to make the story more enticing. So savor the nostalgic flavor as you go down memory lane in search of objects in this fantastic game.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 76

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