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Embark on an amazing quest to discover this lost continent with this fun double feature. In Atlantis Quest, travel through ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome to locate and assemble curious artifacts that will guide you to the location of the lost continent. In Call of Atlantis, restore the legendary continent to peace and prosperity with a spectacular mix of Match 3, Hidden Object, and Adventure games. Both journeys offer hours of incredible Match 3 action with over 140 spectacular levels. Use impressive power-ups, collect valuable relics, and discover the fabled continent in all its glory.

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    Trazenje materijala: 5 min http://www.gamechronicles.com/reviews/pc/atlantisquest/atlantisquest.htm I’m a fanatic when it comes to the ancient stories, myths, legends and the true events. But all of the legends that go through history like what happened in Rome, Greece and Egypt and rated as the ones that have the highest usage value; Atlantis is the one that shadows them all. So many tales have been told about the legendary city of Atlantis that had the most advanced civilization on Earth. But those stories are so old that probably no one can really know what really happened there and was it all just a fruit of somebodies imagination. Here we have what has left of those stories, combined with our designer’s ideas and imagination. Our games work a bit on the principle, ‘Let’s find as much as we can about the existence of the Atlantis’. You will be doing that through two sequels of the game: Atlantis Quest and Call of the Atlantis. To do that, you need to travel to different locations in the world where you can still find evidence from the past lives and the history, to how it was evolving. You will visit all the major locations in the world in the game Atlantis Quest, like Egypt, Babylon, Greece and so forth…with each of them getting harder and harder to solve. The game goal is to find all of the artifacts that are hidden in those locations and to do that you need to solve the game puzzles which will be easy on the beginning levels, but shortly after that the things will heat up. To get those artifacts you need to get them on the bottom of the grid and to get them on the bottom of the grid you need to clear out those tiles that are constantly there to make it harder for you, plus some other tiles that are there extra to make your life a living hell. The matching is quite similar to the match 3 games; however the things here are of course different. You will start collecting shards of different items, and they when completed, will give you the next map which will show you the location of the next challenge and another grid. Every new map will give you more difficult challenges that you need to concur and will ask of you more and more. Will you be able to answer the challenge that the game imposes on you, entirely depends on how your skills react in this environment! Now, here are some of the cool features that the game gives you: For example, during your gameplay you can come into a situation where you can ran out of further moves to make. If that happens the game all by itself will make a move for you to be able to play further, not leaving you behind to start over again. But this won’t be a problem if you don’t have enough time to finish the level. Normally you have about 5-7 min to finish up the level, with the availability of extending the time if you find enough bonuses for that. While we are at the bonuses, besides the time extension, there are other bonuses like the shovel which removes all tiles sitting directly under any artifact piece; hammer which smashes specific tiles (including locked pieces) and an oil lamp which rearranges all of the tiles around the artifact pieces. The most frustrating curve ball Atlantis Quest will throw your way, however, is the "bad piece." What is really frustrating about the bad piece is that as soon as you drop the piece out of the puzzle, it destroys every piece of the artifact you have so far found regardless of how far along you have come. This part of the game will be Achilles heel for you, as after this you will have to start over the entire chapter! At the start of the game you have three lives with you. You can gain new lives as you play the game, and as I recall you get one every 35000 points. This will play a huge role in the game, as the lives will play a huge role in the game, in some moments, not to mention all of the power-ups, which without you probably won’t be able to finish up some levels. The starting grid is 10x10, but as the levels changes you will see grids that look like hearts, paws and other shapes that they have devised. The graphic part of the game isn’t something that needs to be discussed much as the game’s graphics doesn’t represent a key factor in this game. The sound is put together from three different songs, which have the accent of the East. Call of Atlantis The Call of Atlantis is something totally different from the Atlantis Quest as the story is now put in Atlantis itself, but the game is now oriented only on the match 3 genre. The story is very similar, and starts with Poseidon creating the city of Atlantis. The people who lived there were pleased for some time and they showed their respect to the God of all seas, but as time flew by they started to forgot him. As Poseidon was enraged with their lack of respect he takes the thing he gave them, Atlantis. When Poseidon built Atlantis on the Sapphire Ocean, he built as columns a magical altar on the floor of the city, more familiar today as the Mediterranean Sea. The magical altar was sustained by 7 magical crystal each irreplaceable and were essential to the cities survival. Poseidon takes away the Crystals and punishes the people as they saw their city slowly sinking into the sea. After a certain number of years have passed, you return to the city and find that is gone. As you find out the reason, you are determined to restore Atlantis back, but to do that you must travel to seven locations in the world and face difficult challenges to get the ultimate prize. You're presented with a board full of game pieces, each piece one of four or five varieties. You must swap adjacent pieces to form groups (either rows or columns) of three or more pieces of the same kind. After that the tiles are removed, new ones fall to fill the gaps left behind. There will be moments when the falling will create additional matches, by pure coincidence or by careful planning; you will create chains and combos getting additional points for a higher score. The goal to the game is to travel to different locations and fid the local god, which will give you a fragment of a crystal which you will further collect with every level finished. To make the game very challenging obstacles are placed on your game boards. Locks and double locks on pieces make them un-swappable. Instead, you have to work with the pieces around them to make a match and break the lock. Frozen, and doubly frozen, pieces likewise cannot be swapped, but even worse they don't drop into spaces below them, potentially stopping your game in its tracks as you struggle to work with just a few movable pieces next to a gaping pit of empty air. And the worst, most evil obstacle of them all: thick mason blocks that keep your precious broken fragments from dropping any further. Fragments just sit on the block, inches from your hands. There are lots of different power-ups to the game that you will discover. Like the Poseidon’s Amulet, Hourglass, Bomb’s, Lightning Bolt, and swapping power-up. With the nice details and pretty good story to the game you this game will present a beautiful gameplay, especially in the combination with the previous part, and you will have hours of enjoyment with these two games. There are some flaws in every game, but don’t let the bad get over the good, as there is much more good in the game than the bad.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 167

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