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Put an end to a vampire queen's evil reign in Love & Death - Bitten, a romantic hidden object adventure. Damon is handsome and Victoria is fiery. Both have grown strong feelings for each other, but there is one slight problem. Damon is cursed by the vampire queen and terrorizes Victoria's small town. That is until, they meet by chance and realize that they can help each other. Now, both are on a quest to rid themselves of the queen and her relentless malevolence. Play Victoria by day and Damon by Night as they both collect and combine hidden objects to end their dire circumstances. Search 30 locations across the small town, the nearby forest, and the queen's castle, solving devious puzzles and unlocking secret paths. Fate has brought both of them together, but will their quest end in love, or in death? Critics describe Love & Death - Bitten as "gorgeous" and with "great puzzles". Experience it for yourself when you play Love & Death - Bitten free with the demo version or download the full version today!

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    With the success of films like the Twilight saga and TV series like True Blood, it seems that vampire/human romance stories are at an all time high in terms of popularity. But instead of being simply yet another vampire love tale, Love & Death is actually a very solid and entertaining experience for the brief while it lasts. As Victoria, you set out to defeat the vampire Damon, but soon find yourself falling for him. Perhaps it\'s the way the moonlight reflects off his fangs or the way he lovingly threatens to suck the life right out of you, but in any event, you soon find yourself helping him in his quest to find the potion that will free him of the witch\'s control and restore his humanity. You\'ll take turns playing as Victoria and Damon, as each can reach areas that the other cannot. He\'s not so good in sunshine, for example, but can fly to high-up areas. You\'ll visit each location several times, but won\'t have to engage in an item search until a crow sweeps in with a list of objects that need finding. Love & Death is also sometimes a bit unclear as to how you should be proceeding. Although it adds to the challenge and stimulates your brain in very pleasing ways, players used to being nudged in the right direction may find themselves stumped more than once. Despite it\'s shortcomings, the overall experience that Love & Death provides is great. It features challenging and varied gameplay and some solid production values, including beautiful visuals and some great voice acting. It also weaves an engaging, albeit brief, tale and introduces a pair of characters that you\'ll eventually come to care about. And once it gets its fangs into you, you\'ll be trapped under Love & Death\'s spell for good.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
Developer home page
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Release date
Price 6.99
Size 179

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