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Stop a thief from destroying the Magic Academy in Magic Encyclopedia - Illusions, an exciting journey through a changed world. A bandit has stolen The Book of Illusions and imprisoned everyone at the school in a state of false imagery. Their only hope is Catherine, the Academy's top student, who must first find her way out of the library. Once she does however, she's on a race to stop the villain before he builds an unbeatable army. Can she free the Academy in time? Join Catherine and dispel the illusions before it's too late. Journey through Egypt, China and the deepest ocean as she appeases a war-hungry emperor, searches for Zeus' trident and chases down The Illusionist. Figure out ways to switch back and forth between reality and deception to find objects or solve puzzles. With 25 levels in five chapters, beautiful hand-drawn graphics, and an extra layer of hidden object searching, this magical adventure is certain to keep you captivated. Play Magic Encyclopedia - Illusions free with the demo version or download the full version today!

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    Certainly to be able to learn magic is something that all of us can only dream of, but when magic turns against you, that’s when trouble starts to happen. This happened to Catherine while she was in the library of her magic school. As a top student of the magic school she was always an exceptional mage, but this problem she and her professors didn’t see coming. While she was in the library she noticed a huge change in the room (library) she was in, and then suddenly she was contacted by one of hers professors through a crystal ball to get out of the school. That’s where the game begins, with your search through the illusion in the room to find an exit. Using the help of your professors, solving a puzzle, and using a scroll you are able to escape to the outside world, just to find out the whole world is covered in an illusion. By this time your professor’s explained you that a very powerful and important book was stolen by someone, and that person used the book for such a powerful illusion. So your quest starts through 5 different chapters in the world with different areas and scenes in every chapter. In chapter one you must be careful in telling what is an illusion and what not, because you have now two realms. This game is a bit different from other HOG’s, because you\'re looking for pieces of key objects that you have to put back together in order to solve puzzles, and not just some items from the list, which mostly you don’t even get to use. For example, find all 8 parts of a levitation scroll and you can then use it to interact with a previously out-of-reach item. When you are done with the chapter one, by chapter two you\'ve acquired a pair of magical glasses that allow you to switch between the two versions of the scene at will simply by dragging them over different spots, which was a bit of a let-down at first even though the quality of the puzzles doesn’t give you a break until the very end. While searching for items and solving puzzles you’ll discover that you aren’t able to finish up an area because, something is missing. That is because most of the scenes are connected between themselves, like when turning a crank causes the water to drain out of a canal that can then be explored by walking one screen to the south, and this adds up a pretty nice twist to the game as well. Like previously said the game consists from five chapters. You get to discover some of the world greatest and most unknown places like China, Egypt and even the lost city of Atlantis. Luckily when you get in a tough spot there is always the hint button that charges pretty fast, and when you get to mini-games you can easily skip them if you want to, but I didn’t see the reason for that. Mini-games come in a nice variety which makes the game even more interesting. The graphics is mostly hand drawn which resulted in a beautiful high details. The sounds of the game are very tuned with the surroundings in which you are in, in China or Egypt. All that is left to say is that we have a nice game, with excellent story and a game play that surely won’t bore you at all.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Price 6.99
Size 137

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