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This Gold Edition includes the original Majesty and Majesty: The Northern Expansion. Enlist the aid of Wizards, Elves, Knights, Barbarians and other fantastic heroes in tackling epic fantasy's classic challenges and prepare for your ascension to power. Majesty is a unique sim putting you in the crushed velvet hot-seat of your own kingdom with an epic quest and numerous challenges ahead of you.

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    Majesty is now pretty much and old game, but does an old game have to be forgotten? Majesty, the original release has come out somewhere in the March 2000 I believe and the expansion of the game a year later. Majesty Gold was released a couple of years later with both of the installments, and even though slightly forgotten, it just couldn’t be erased from the list of games just like that. AS we are talking about the original installment of the game that is old a bit more over 10 years, the graphics of the game I won’t even mention, except ten years ago the graphics were pretty much standard for this type of game and noting unusual and unseen. But what attracted many players to this game weren’t the graphics for sure. Basically the thing that made this game so great and stand out from other even with better graphical details was its gameplay, to be more precise the control over the game. Today’s players are already familiar with this type of games, but then it wasn’t known on a big scale. RTS games then, meant a lot of micro-management of your armies and a lot of clicking for that matter. This game had a different, more subtle approach. Instead of that huge clicking to control your great army, they put the power of an entire army into couple of key characters in the game while the massive forces are all commanded by the games AI. Those characters that are directly underneath your control are heroes and not just heroes by name, by their might too. With their special skills and abilities each unit varies in cost, all are moderately expensive, which makes looking after each individual even more important. What’s so similar about these fellows is that everything about them can be found in a couple of games within the RPG category. There are, of course, the usual characters that are familiar for the fans of RPG games with this theme like: the Mages, Warriors, Paladins, Rangers, Rogues, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, etc. In addition to the staples, there are a number of new units, many of which come from the different temples: Necromantic Priestesses, Cultists, Warriors of Discord, Solarii, and Barbarians. What’s so specific about your heroes is that you can’t just order them to go in a fight with someone. They need to be convinced in doing that, and the best thing of course for such thing is money. Depending on what you want from your hero so does the price change, depending on his opponent. But the game wouldn’t be that fun if it was as easy as that. Like all humans have their faults, so do the characters in the game and almost all of them are susceptible to some of the so called sins that can revert them from doing their tasks and missions. Some of these buildings include the Gambling Hall and, my personal favorite, the Elven "Lounge" which is essentially a brothel. Certain hero classes, such as Monks and Paladins, have higher willpower and avoid these houses of ill repute. An easy solution to solve such matter would be just not building those buildings, but as you invite different creatures to your home, so comes their baggage besides their strengths, making the building rise by themselves without you controlling it. Every hero is tied to its building and this was pretty common that, even today also. Some buildings are upgradable, and you recruit Warriors from a Warriors Guild and Mages from a Mages Guild. But if you think that you can just build building as you want you are mistaken. Every building has its own building that is on what I’ll call a friendly list and unfriendly list. If you start building some type of buildings, you are automatically limited to add only other building that get along with this one, making you think your strategy from the very beginning of the game. For instance, Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes don't get along. So, if you build a Dwarven Settlement, you cannot build a Gnome Hovel or an Elven Bungalow. Also, when certain guilds and temples exist together in the same realm, new units are available for recruitment such as the Warrior of Discord when you possess both a Warriors Guild and a temple to Fervus. There are a couple of missions that need to be dealt with and they all have difficulty levels from Beginner to Advanced and finally the Expert level. Besides the 19 quests that the game offers there are also a couple of hidden quests that need to found. There will be a couple of monsters that you will encounter in the game in the later levels that will be quite hard to destroy especially for those who decide to play on the expert level. Rock Golems and Cyclops will literally erase your heroes with only one blow and will probably frustrate you at times as you have probably invested a lot of time and nerves in their development and upgrading. Of course what would be a kingdom without a magician? Magicians can be very useful in some battles and come quite handy, but the magic they use costs money, so careful with the magic you cast. The Expansion of the game Majesty: The Northern Expansion is meant to fix a couple of bugs in the game and of course to bring a couple of additions to refresh the game a bit. Basically you do similar thing like in the original installment like you make money from collecting taxes from buildings such as marketplaces, blacksmiths, and inns so you can upgrade buildings etc... The Northern Expansion is virtually the same game, with a few add-ons that should please everyone including a new tile set, monsters, buildings and spells. There are a couple of new things with the expansion and most of them is with the buildings like the new Sorcerer's Abode is a magic building that allows you to cast some nifty new spells all over the map. You will also find some very useful spells that might prove extremely helpful like earthquakes and lightning’s, but also if you have your men stationed near the Abode you can use its magic to transport your men anywhere you want to. Change of Heart is another extremely useful spell that will cause your units to run away if you don't want them fighting, or stay and fight if they are trying to run away. There are a couple of other new building in the game like the Embassy that allows you to call for warriors from other countries but will have to pay for them with a much higher cost. Then there is the Mausoleum which collects all of the dead warriors of yours, and all of them can be revived for a certain price. Magic Bazar is practically a place for your warriors to buy potions to increase their skills and abilities. Last but not least, is the Hall of Champions. If a creature type has been killed at least once during the game by a hero, it will appear on a list in the Hall. From there you can assign a bounty to all of the creatures of that type. Unfortunately there aren’t new heroes added to be found, although the monsters have a couple of new incomes that are there to make your life even harder. The ones that enjoyed the original copy will definitely enjoy the expansion of the game as besides of the new features it lengthens the game additionally making it worth playing. The game is old, that’s for sure but still it was a breakthrough in its time and now for those who have forgotten about it or would want to play it again now have the chance to do so, as games like this just don’t die so easily.

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