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Mount & Blade has a vast community that periodically revived the player exceptional scene modes. Founder TaleWorlds, Armagan Yavuz said that the new engine is adapted to the users, and that it will be possible to operate several modes simultaneously. It will be possible to mix and match modes that private real other users. When a change of interface or edit an item or something that changes a strategy game, it will be possible at the same time it all put back together.



It is expected that the players involved in large numbers to create mods for Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, and that with as much imagination involved in all this. A will have a lot of tools for all of this. There is an inevitable scene editor and terrain that are quite easy to use and should not be a problem for modeling of imaginary scenes and field. It is interesting that used so will those who rule with C ++ to be a lot easier to create and modes. This opens up many varieties and modes and players community expects a lot from all this. We think that we are facing a very exciting time, and rightly expect a lot.




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