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In Marooned, Macy Black awakens on a deserted island without memory of who she is and why she is there. Upon exploring the island, she discovers her presence is not by coincidence, but by a startling betrayal. Her only escape lies in solving the mysteries around an ancient people called the Akoni and a powerful crystal known simply as the Resource. Now, her escape is short-lived and the stakes are even higher as Macy comes face-to-face with her betrayer for the first time. But in a twist of fate, she must join her nemesis in a race against a greater foe and try seizing the remaining Resource to prevent a deadlier secret of the Akoni leaking out into the world and wreaking havoc. Can she walk this tight rope over a devious plot for greed and power, and make it out alive?

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    Macy Black is back again, but the turn of events don't add up the way she anticipated. In the first part of Marooned, Macy lost her memory not knowing how she got there and why! Macy was doing everything in her power to empower the boat into a working state and to flee from the island as she discovered she is was not the only person on that island. Finally she succeeds to escape, enabling her to flee from the island on which she was captured but with some additional knowledge on how she got there and why. But just when Macy thought she was free and on her way home, guess what happened? Her boat malfunctioned making her stray from her path, directly on the neighboring island where she was in greater trouble then she was on the previous island. When you talk about bad luck just remember this example… So nowhere to go and nothing to do except hope there is a way out of that island somewhere on it. The islands you're investigating were once home to the Akoni, a people who had harnessed the powers of a mineral called Resource that has near-magical powers. After a bit of investigating she finds a familiar, though not necessarily welcome face: Radimar. This time you have no option as you must join forces with him if you both are planning to leave this island, as Radimar is a walk in the park compared to what is located on that island. As a direct sequel to the first game, the story of Marooned 2 will be pretty much incomprehensible to new players. But if you played the original the sequel does a great job of furthering along the story and uncovering some of the mysteries that Macy is faced with. In the first part of the game you already had the acquaintance with the Resource and what can its energy do. That is the main and only reason why Macy collaborates with Radimar as war-mongering general plans to use the Resource the way it fits him and the consequences would be catastrophically for the world. Using the Resource in a special ceremony at the island temple will make it a powerful weapon, so you just have to make sure you get there first. As for the gameplay you will be doing the same things you do in every HOG. There are items that need to be found in the forest and the island is put together of different locations making you move a lot around the map. The items you must find are given to you in a list of items making your searches much easier. Besides the normal items to find, there are items marked in a yellow color which require additional tasks to be performed if you plan of collecting them. You will have to cut a tree or something, but to do that you need tools that will enable you to do such things. In the taskbar there is a silhouette of a tool you need to find so you can use it to move forward. The tools are like the ax for that tree or a sponge for a rock. If you get stuck somewhere there is of curse the hint system to help you but be careful how you use it as it is not unlimited. Instead of the regular recharging hint system you will be getting hints by collecting hidden spears all over the game making the players to think forward and a bit strategically in using the hints, but there will be enough of them for almost any player. Because the tools you are searching for are probably located in different places around the island at random points you will definitely be returning to same places a couple of times. However the game introduces a nice touch to the game, where you have different items and they must be combined for a specific task. Some of them a quite easy as a film and popcorns giving you the ‘Movies’ section while others require a bit more thinking. As for the graphics of the game they are as beautiful as they were in the first release of the game. The level of details to the jungle is very nicely done with the addition of the waterfall, the volcanoes, but also the beautifully done underwater scenes. Unfortunately the game developers remained with the formula with the cut-scenes being still pictures with audio. But the combination of solid visuals and a great soundtrack means that Marooned 2 does an excellent job of creating an engaging atmosphere. All in all the second release of the trilogy is a part which doesn’t add up at all if you haven’t played the first part of the game. Most of the players which only try to play the second part will finish the game, but with little understanding to what happens in the game. That’s why the returnees to the sequel while have a good game to play, but only to be disappointed as the end of the story comes in the next part of the game making them wait for it to come out…

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Size 161

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