Latest Match 3


Cheating Death

Play battleships against death to save yourself from hell! Cheat to try and see squares for free, but be warned, death cheats

Block Stock

Click groups of minimum 3 blocks of the same color to erase them.


Click to rotate sea shell groups to line up three and destroy them.

Naruto The Quest

Find 3 matching Naruto cards and more make click in them to eliminate them.

House of Chocolates

How sweet can matching games get? Well try to play in this mouthwatering House Of Chocolates!

Swap Girl

Click to swap the two fruits/veggies (or fruit/veggie and open space) highlighted by your cursor to create lines, rows, and diagonals of three or more of the same produce.

Gate Gears

Rotate the gears to match the colors of adjacent corners.

Face Chase

Align 3 or more faces in the rows and columns. More faces thrown in after each level.

Pirate Gem

Align 3 gems in a row, watch the target gems to quickly advance to the next level.

Match The Delicacies

Match these tongue licking tasty delicacies and have fun.

Food Match

Cool game

Alus Revenge 2

Solve all the puzzle to move to the next level!

Pokemon Connect It

Would you like to play a different game?

Puzzle Kiss

Click and Connect 3 or more identical icons to make the couple kiss. Fill the kissing loader before the time gets over.

Fruit Connect 2

This is a different style of fruit, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway.

Alus Revenge

Destroy the wall of warriors to find the stone.

Shop N Dress Fruit Cascadel Game Chiffon Dress

Make some money and buy some dashing dress.

Sea Jewel

Match 3 and then build on the groups up to buy more time - the bigger the group the more points you get.

Magilla Gorilla Pet Shop Cleaning

Help Magilla clean up the mess before Mr. Peebles sees it by matching cages of the same type together!

Popular Match 3


Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is quite possibly the most popular puzzle game on the internet today!

Ultra Block

A very nice game, with the style of the famous java game Collapse.

Easter Egg Slider

Slide the colorful Easter eggs in this beautiful Easter match 3 game!

Gorillaz Tiles

Match the images in mahjong style.

Smiley Puzzle Girl Edition

Slide the girly smilies to match 3!

Fruit Connect 2

This is a different style of fruit, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway.


Click on two adjacent jewels to swap them and form three or more of the same jewel in a row or column. New jewels will fall to take their place. Bonus level at every 5th level starting with level 10. The game adds another type of jewel at levels 3, 5 and


Match three or more of the same jewels!

Twins Deluxe

This is a colorfull puzzle game where you have to connect two of the same colored bubbles. The rules are that your connect between 2 bubbles cannot turn more then twice.

Wall E The Video Game

The object of this game is to quickly align 2 or more objects horizontally or vertically by simply clicking with you mouse.

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