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Players can get behind the controls of a tank to smash through obstacles, crush soldiers under their tracks and fire high-explosive shells at enemy emplacements, they can even take control of individual soldiers as they fight. As in previous games in the series, Men of War: Assault Squad includes the unique direct control feature which enables players to be in command of any unit using the WASD controls, rather than pointing and clicking. Internet Connection is required to play this title.

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    Men of War, is back again and this time in the form of a standalone extension to satisfy a lot of appetites when it comes to war RTS games… The first (original) release, for those who have played it, will probably seem identical to this one at the first look, but there is a lot more to it as many features are added, but the one that counts and which is upgraded is the multiplayer mode. All of this has been put together on a series of maps, which now include Japan during the WW2 and the details that concern the game like the destructible terrains, direct unit control, realistic combats, etc… Gameplay: The game is somewhat different then before and here you start with the US as your first mission. Finding a tutorial is very recommendable and of course reading it as the ones that didn’t play this game before will probably experience great problems with resolving what to do next and how to play at all… For those who want the quick line of lessons, just enter the game and start playing and working your way around the games interface, and eventually you will figure it out. Now depending on the fact which mode will you choose, so will your game opinion develop. Why is this so, tells us the fact when playing a LAN game you have all of the maps in the game opened for usage and are not restricted like in the single-player mode. This is probably left so intentionally for the already experienced players as playing everything from the beginning in single mode to unlock all of the stages would probably be too much for them… However there is a catch for those who want to play the single mode, so they don’t abuse the unlocked maps easily. The maps played in the multiplayer mode can’t be saved and therefore are intended for pure murdering fun… Playing online means playing with others and the more there are players the merrier it gets! For online playing max of players that can play during one mission on the same team is eight players. The object of the single player missions is simple, you take your units to capture points on the map which are increasingly well fortified, in order to gain more ‘MP’ (the currency for buying in new units) and the ability to call in more powerful units. As for the multiplayer game which will be preferred by most of the players, Reinforcement points that you win during your missions will be properly distributed, that is in case of needing reinforcements, the weakest party will receive them…Now this doesn’t mean you can have reinforcements with your own points, as they can be distributed between the players after they have assigned to player/players. It is already mentioned in the beginning of the game that in this standalone expansions Japan is added as additional map, and of course besides the map the technology they used in that time including the vehicles is also part of the game. The game spreads to five different maps that is territories which played the most significant roles in the WW2 (USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Russia) and split across three different game modes. The thing that can be featured the most is everything that is included in the damage. This means the firing weapons, ammunition used, angle of impact, type of impacted vehicle and so forth… As for the rest of the options and the features in the game they are mostly unchanged, as the reinforcement points, weapons used and mounted, and also the control over the units. However the fact remains that the direct control over the units doesn’t react always on time and how you would expect it (that is to have full control over your units). As for the games interface, there isn’t much to say about it that could be of use, as the interface is full with so many options with the intention to simplify gaming experience and considering the extent of the options that are available the user interface is done pretty well. Now the introduction of the real new features of the game, and one of those is the hero units. Now you might guess this aren’t normal units that you have lying around and therefore deserve special attention, especially for the price you are paying for them. Besides this there is an option that allows you to distribute your units in another way that normally predicted, however such changes cost points and most of the times those changes are unnecessary, unless you have some brilliant strategies and know how to maximize your efficiency level with its editing. The expansion has become more difficult but in the same time easier to play, easy on the edges and so forth… What I mean to say is that the in game features have changes in such a way making the game more realistic and therefore one of the rare ones on the market for whom you need to try extra if you intend in finishing. The armor unit represents the most expensive unit, but there is a variety of them and therefore can be adapted to your current conditions. The difference in power between different tanks in the original part was pretty big, but now that different has been reduced to a more realistically level. The already famous skirmish mode is something that once hooked upon there won’t be giving it up. Some of the features of the skirmish mode are the great areas of the map, combined with lots of units that you will need more and more thanks to the constantly developing AI, and its efforts to run you down. The game is set in four difficulties: easy, medium, hard and heroic. Now you can probably presume that the easy is meant for single player mode, and medium for those who really know what they are doing if they play the single mode. The hard difficulty and especially the heroic difficulty is something you cannot get through unless you have all eight players working together and to make it as a team. Graphics and Sound: The graphics of the game hasn’t been changed something special compared to the previous release of the game, and therefore in this field of the game you can expect some decent work when it comes to this part. As for the sound of the game, it has been enhanced in some areas, like the voice acting of the characters, while the sounds of the game in general have remained the same. The game has resulted with terrific gameplay that you can rarely find this type of games on the market who are doing to make the game as realistic as it can be… The pleasure is guaranteed, so enjoy yourself.

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Developer Magnetic Scrolls
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Release date
Price 34.99
Size 3

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